Remnant 2: How to unlock secret Engineer Archetype

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It has been nearly four years since the original Remnant: From the Ashes was released. Now, gamers are getting set for the sequel, Remnant 2.

Remnant 2 is going to have a fair share of Archetypes or Classes for gamers to choose from. There are a total 10 of them that you can use. Some of the Archetypes are given to you, while other Archetypes have to be earned. One of the secret Archetypes that has to be earned is the Engineer Archetype.

How to find the Engineer Archetype

The Engineer Archetype is a very unique Class. This Archetype allows you to carry and deploy heavy weapons. Not everyone’s playstyle fits the Engineer Archetype. However, if you are someone that like to use heavy weapons, this may be a class you want to unlock.

In order to unlock the Engineer Archetype, you are going to need to Spawn on the second N’Erud map. You will notice that this area is covered in a dense, poison fog. In order to make traveling through the fog easier, it is best to have the Explorer Archetype unlocked and use the Treasure Hunter Explorer Skill. Without the Treasure Hunter Explorer Skill, this would be extremely hard to find. You can also use Purified Salve to cure the Curse Effect and gain resistance from the poison fog.

In the Eon Vault, there is a dead engineer lying on the ground in the far corner of the Eon Vault. When you interact with the dead engineer, you will be gifted with the Technician Armor Set. You will then want to jump off the platform you are currently on with the dead engineer so that you can retrieve the Alien Device down below.

Once you have the Alien Device, travel to Ward 13 to talk to Wallace. Wallace will allow you to craft the Drzyr Caliper, which is the key to unlocking the Engineer Archetype. You will need to exchange the Alien Device, 10 Lumenite Crystal, and 1000 Scrap in order to craft the Drzyr Caliper. Once you have the Drzyr Caliper unlocked, you will then unlock the Engineer Archetype.

The Engineer Archetype isn’t for everyone, but it is also nice to unlock as many Archetypes as you possibly can. The more you have the better off you will be. You never know when you are going to want to switch Archetypes and having more options to choose from won’t be hurtful at all.

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