Final Fantasy Quiz: Choose Final Fantasy’s Best Girl With This Bracket

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This Final Fantasy Quiz can help you choose the series’ best girl through a fun bracket on uwuFuFu.

UwuFuFu features numerous World Cup-style brackets created by users pitting topics across a wide variety of categories against each other. The World Cup quiz will pit potential winners against each other in a randomized bracket. The best part about these quizzes is that they can replayed endlessly and shared among friends to see which winner comes out on top. While many would have an idea of what or who they would choose for a certain winner, sometimes the bracket might not end up in their favor against another popular answer. Or, you can put fun spins on criteria when selecting a winner each round.

A Final Fantasy quiz centered around popular characters in the genre, created by user RPGfanguy, features a round of 32 bracket.

Final Fantasy Quiz: Choose Final Fantasy’s Best Girl With This Bracket

Titled “Final Fantasy Best Girl!,” users will select winners starting matchups in a Round of 32. They must select winners in each matchup leading all the way to a bracket winner.

What’s also great about the site is that other users can see specific entry win rates in regular matchups and what their championship rate is overall for brackets. For example, the top winner for RPGfanguy’s quiz is Tifa from Final Fantasy 7.

Tifa, in this bracket, has a whopping 82.12% win rate in matchups, and has won 18.3% of the brackets completed. Players can also choose which round they start from if they want to shorten or widen the pool. Though, for this specific quiz there are only 32 entries so for a Round of 64 there will be blank entries for some matchups.

The quiz doesn’t feature Jill or Benedikta Harman from Final Fantasy 16, for those curious how they’d fair against series icons like Aerith Gainsborough.

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