Final Fantasy XVI: How to easily farm AP fast

Final Fantasy XVI. Image courtesy Square Enix
Final Fantasy XVI. Image courtesy Square Enix /

Let’s talk about the intriguing world of Final Fantasy XVI and its surprisingly diverse economy of Ability Points (AP). If you’ve been craving to unlock those spectacular abilities faster and give your gameplay that extra edge, you’ve come to the right place – I’m about to spill the tea on how to farm AP at breakneck speed in FFXVI.

The Bluebird’s Bounty

Now, farming AP is not just about finding enemies, it’s about finding the right ones. And that’s where our feathered friends, the Bluebirds, come into play. You see, each defeated Bluebird is worth a handsome 40 AP, outshining other lighter enemies like the Wild Chocobo, which only offers 8AP per kill, and the Vulture, granting a measly 4AP.

However, we can further spice up this AP farming routine by introducing an accessory: the Wages of Warcraft. Equip this beauty, and voila! You get a solid 20% boost in Ability Points earned in every combat encounter. That’s 48 AP for each Bluebird with your name on it.

Final Fantasy XVI.
Final Fantasy XVI. /

Final Fantasy XVI. Image courtesy Square Enix

Getting Down to Business

So, how does one go about farming AP fast in Final Fantasy 16? Fear not, because here’s the lowdown:

1. Purchase the Wages of Warcraft from Charon’s Toll. This becomes available after Chapter 23, Cid the Outlaw.
2. Switch to Story Focused Mode to make encounters even faster.
3. Don the Wages of Warcraft (it’s not just for show, you know!)
4. Fast travel to the Royal Meadows Obelisk.
5. From there, venture forth to Northreach, and bring down the three Bluebirds (don’t forget their Wild Chocobo companions!)
6. Fast travel back to the Royal Meadows Obelisk.
7. Once you’re back at the Obelisk, all your feathery foes will respawn. Repeat steps 5 and 6 until you’re swimming in AP.

Worth a Mention

You might also be tempted to farm AP by taking down the Bluebirds in Sorrowise, near the Martha’s Rest Obelisk. However, while the scenery is stunning, the Bluebirds are more spread out, and getting to them from Martha’s Rest demands a lot more travel time. This ends up slowing your AP grind to a crawl, and let’s be honest – we’re here for the fast lane.

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This is ultimate method to fast AP farming in Final Fantasy XVI. Take these steps, hunt those Bluebirds, and you’ll be unlocking new abilities like there’s no tomorrow. Remember to equip your Wages of Warcraft for the full 48 AP per bird, and keep that grind loop tight and efficient.

Happy farming!