Final Fantasy XVI: How to unlock Ultimaniac difficulty

Final Fantasy XVI. Image courtesy Square Enix
Final Fantasy XVI. Image courtesy Square Enix /

In total there are four difficulties you can enjoy Final Fantasy XVI in. When you start up the game for the very first time, you will have the choice of whether or not you want to play your first playthrough on Story Focused or Action Focused. Then, once you complete your first run, you will unlock Final Fantasy mode. However, there is one final difficulty that the game keeps a secret from you: Ultimaniac.

How to unlock Ultimaniac difficulty in Final Fantasy XVI

Story Focused and Action Focused are the two standard difficulties that are thrown your way at the start of the game. Story Focused is easier than Action Focused, but Action Focused will be a more self-rewarding experience to beat the game on. In order to unlock the Ultimaniac difficulty, you need to be Final Fantasy XVI on any difficulty.

Once you have beaten the game for the first time, you will be asked if you want to create a “Clear Save.” The answer is yes. You want to create a Clear Save by selecting a manual save slot. If done correctly, you will see a star icon next to your save file.

Now it is time to get a little more adventurous. Now that you beat Final Fantasy XVI once, you unlocked New Game Plus. Not only did you unlock New Game Plus, but you also unlocked the third hardest difficulty in the game Final Fantasy Mode.

You are going to want to start a brand-new game on New Game Plus using the Final Fantasy Mode difficulty. Make sure you load your “Clear Save” file into your New Game Plus adventure so that you import your progress from your previous playthrough.

The rest is fairly simple. You just got to continue playing through your New Game Plus save file until Arcade Mode is unlocked at the Arete Stone in The Hideaway. When it is unlocked, visit the Arete Stone, select Arcade Mode, and choose Ultimaniac difficulty.

Since Ultimaniac difficulty is only available in Arcade Mode, it isn’t actually impossible to play the entire game in this difficulty. However, any Arcade Level that is offered in Final Fantasy XVI can be played in this extremely tough mode. If you are looking to unlock all the Arcade Levels in Final Fantasy XVI, you are going to have to beat the game on Final Fantasy mode. Another reason as to why this is so challenging.

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During Ultimaniac Mode, enemies will be a lot tougher and will have the capability of killing Clive in just a few hits. If you like a true challenge and you have already beaten the game on Final Fantasy Mode, you might as well try and conquer every Arcade Level on Ultimaniac Mode. It is just another excuse to continue playing such a well-designed game.