Diablo IV Guide: How to unlock, conquer Helltide Events

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Diablo IV has been out for almost two weeks now and many of you have started to beat the campaign and hit level 50.  But even after you have completed the main story, the adventure doesn’t stop.

One of the things you can do once the main story is over is participate in Helltide Events. In order to experience Helltide Events, you must have access to World Tier 3: Nightmare and you can only gain access to this after you have beaten the main story and have also beaten the Cathedral of Light Capstone on Veteran difficulty.

What are Helltide Events in Diablo IV?

Helltide Events in Diablo IV always spawn randomly once World Tier 3 is unlocked and they can spawn in any of the maps five regions. The best way to identify these Helltide Events is to open up the map and check to see if any area is marked off in red. If you see what appears to be a Helltide Event, you can make your way into this area.

Helltide Events make the sky red and rain blood from above. Helltide Events usually last for roughly an hour or so and the enemies that you are going to encounter are much stronger than usual.

What do you get for completing Helltide Events in Diablo IV?

Helltide Events weren’t just added to Diablo IV for show. They are actually very useful events that occur if you are looking for some better gear.

The main goal on Helltide Events is to slay as many enemies as possible. When you defeat enemies, you are granted with Aberrant Cinders. This is another type currency in Diablo IV has that is used to open Helltide Chests. These chests spawn during Helltide Events. The more enemies you slay, the more Helltide Chests you can open and thus the more rewards you can earn. Different Helltide Chests require different amounts of Aberrant Cinders. That is why you can never collect too many Aberrant Cinders.

The one thing you have to make sure is that you use your Aberrant Cinders during that specific Helltide Event you are participating in. Once the Helltide Event is over, your Aberrant Cinders will disappear. So use them before the event ends and you lsoe them.

You’ll also want to avoid dying as much as possible during these events. Every time you die during a Helltide Event, you lose half of your Aberrant Cinders as a penalty. Meaning if you are dying quite often during these events, it is going to make it extremely difficult to claim any of the Helltide Event rewards.

Other details regarding Helltide Events in Diablo IV

As I mentioned before, enemies in Helltide Events are a lot stronger. However, there aren’t just normal enemies that you will be fighting during these events. Helltide Commanders and the Helltide Event bosses are also here to make things a lot more difficult. If you come across one of the Helltide Event bosses and defeat them, they will reward you with tons of Aberrant Cinders and some great rewards as well.

Since Helltide Events aren’t available until after the main story is completed, the rewards you will be receiving from these events are powerful and will be more on the rarer side of things.

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Helltide Events are definitely worth checking out. You never know what items you may stumble upon in these types of events. You may find some that really help make your current build better. After all, this is after the main Diablo IV story is completed, so you should have plenty of time to compete in a couple of Helltide Events.