Diablo IV: World Boss schedule, locations, and more

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Diablo IV is a very challenging game, and World Bosses are something to the franchise that will put all of your skills to the test. In Diablo IV, World Bosses only spawn at a particular time, roughly every six hours per day. If you hunt them down and defeat them, you’ll be greatly rewarded.

You can find three World Bosses in Diablo IV. There is Ashava the Pestilent, Avarice the Gold Cursed, and Wandering Death. These three bosses spawn in five confirmed World Boss locations throughout the game.

Confirmed World Boss Spawn Locations in Diablo IV

  • The Burning Desert
  • The Drowned Coast
  • The Dry Steppes
  • The Eternal Woods
  • The Fractured Peaks

Once you have beaten the main campaign, you will have unlocked the “World Bosses are about to spawn.” These World Bosses will spawn in one of the five above locations and will be indicated roughly 30 minutes before they officially go live.

This is great news, but this only helps you if you are logged onto Diablo IV and playing the game. If you are not logged onto Diablo IV and want a better idea of when the World Bosses are going to spawn, there is a great method that you can use.

It is widely speculated that World Bosses spawn every six hours, allowing you to defeat them up to four times per day. With that being said, there are set time windows where you have a better chance to finding World Bosses spawn.

Diablo IV World Bosses Time Windows

  1. 11:30 AM CST – 1:30 PM CST
  2. 5:30 PM CST – 7:30 PM CST
  3. 11:30 PM CST – 1:30 AM CST
  4. 5:30 AM CST – 11:30 AM CST

Obviously, this is just a rough window as to when World Bosses are expected to spawn. Depending on which time zone you live in will ultimately depend on what times these World Bosses are made available to you.

If you want a more exact answer to when you can go and slay these beasts, you can check the Diablo 4 World Boss Timer Twitter account. This Twitter account will tell you the exact location, time, and which of the three World Bosses will be spawning in that area. The Twitter account also posts a picture of the map of where it will be spawning to make sure you have all the tools available to you to slay these bosses.

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If you don’t have a Twitter account, you can always log onto Diablo IV during the World Boss time window and there is a good chance within those two hours a World Boss will spawn. If you have completed the main campaign already, you will be notified roughly a half hour before the World Boss spawns so that you can prepare for a very challenging fight.