Tears of the Kingdom: How to Repair Your Weapons

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There is a very high chance that the weapons you find at the start of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom are not going to be the ones that you use later on in the game. Enemies will become stronger and so will you and your weapons if you are looking to breeze through them fairly easily.

However, the weapons that you find later on that are on the more powerful side of things, those are the ones that you will continue to use to throughout your journey. If there is a weapon that you really enjoy using and you do not want that weapon to break, you can use this neat little trick to repair your weapon and even get an upgrade equipped with it at the same time.

How to repair your weapons in Tears of the Kingdom

Using Central Hyrule as a starting point, head Northeast just a little bit North past Goron City. This location is also West of Death Mountain. The general area you want to find yourself in is X:1651, Y: 2719, and Z: 0411. In this area you should come across Rock Octorok enemies. These can be found scattered about this area and around Death Mountain as well.

When you have located a Rock Octorok, you are going to have to wait until it starts doing his vacuum type of attack. The Ocotrok will try and suck everything in around it. When you see the Octorok doing this, drop the weapon you are looking to repair and let the Octorok suck it up in his mouth. A few moments later the Octorok will begin to sparkle, and it will spit the weapon that you just dropped back out at you.

If you pick up the weapon you will notice that the nearly broken weapon has now been fully repaired. You may also notice something else about your fully repaired weapon. Every time an Octorok sucks in one of your weapons and spits it out, not only does it repair your weapon in full, but it also adds an upgrade buff to the weapon as well.

The downside to this all is that each Octorok only can repair your weapon once every Blood Moon. That means if you have three weapons that you want to repair, you will have to go out and find three seperate Octoroks. The Octoroks will also repair shields and bows as well. Whatever you want repaired, just drop it for the Octorok.

Some weapons do not seem to work with being repaired by the Octorok. It appears that some of the items that you get from Amiibo’s don’t end up being fully repaired. Why this is, I have no idea. However, most weapons that you are looking to repair and upgrade will in fact work with the Octorok.

How to get the upgrade of your choice on an item in Tears of the Kingdom

While the fully repair and upgrade buff on your items is a very nice gesture from the Rock Octoroks, you don’t have a say as to what buff you will get on each item. If you want to have more control over what upgrade buff you receive, there is a simple trick on how to do just that.

When you find an Octorok, create a save file. Then you can freely drop the weapon you want repaired and when it spits out the weapon, you are able to check and see what buff was added to your item. If you don’t want that buff, you can quit the game and load from your previous save that you just created. From here you can repeat this process over and over again until you get the buff you want. It is always random as to which buff you will receive each time the Octorok sucks up an item.

If this seems way too easy, that is because it is. There are no strings attached. Head on over to the Goron City region around Death Mountain and look for these creatures. I am pretty sure that you will have weapons that you don’t want to lose by them breaking and now you don’t have to worry about that any longer.

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