Tears of the Kingdom: Best Items to Fuse with Arrows

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Fusing items is a brand-new feature that has been added to The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. In Tears of the Kingdom, you can use Link’s Fuse Ability to combine items to weapons or even arrows to make them more powerful.

The Fuse Ability really expands the possibilities of new weapon combinations that players can use to help them out in battle. When it comes to fusing arrows, there are some really unique fusion combinations. You will find out that certain fusion combinations will become crucial to defeating some of the game’s enemies.

How to fuse items onto arrows in Tears of the Kingdom

If you have yet to use Link’s Fuse Ability in Tears of the Kingdom and was wondering how it exactly works, it is very simple. All you have to do is draw back your bow and aim it as if you planned on firing it. Before you fire the bow, while the bow is still aimed down, press up on the D-pad to open up the menu. This will show you a list of items in your inventory that you are able to fuse onto your arrows.

While there are many items in your inventory that you may be able to fuse with your arrows, they each have different effects. Some of them will prove to be very useful on your journey throughout Tears of the Kingdom.

Best items to fuse onto your arrows in Tears of the Kingdom

  • Bomb Flowers
    • Creates an explosive arrow to deal damage to enemies or destroy certain structures. This is one of the most useful arrows in Tears of the Kingdom.
  • Fire Fruit/Red ChuChu Jelly/Rubys
    • Creates a fire arrow that can be used to burn things or used on the ground to form an updraft.
  • Splash Fruit/Blue ChuChu Jelly/Opals
    • Creates a water arrow that can be used to remove goop around the world.
  • Shock Fruit/Yellow ChuChu/Topaz
    • Creates an electric arrow that is great for electrocuting enemies. This arrow is even more useful for larger enemies.
  • Ice Fruit/White ChuChu Jelly/Saphire
    • Creates an ice arrow that freezes enemies upon impact.
  • Brightbloom Seeds
    • Creates an arrow that provides light when in dark areas.
  • Puffshroom
    • Creates an arrow that spawns a smoke cloud on impact. This is the perfect arrow to help obscure the enemy’s vision.
  • Korok Frond
    • Creates an arrow that sends a gust of air towards enemies to knock them down.
  • Muddle Bud
    • Creates an arrow that will confuse enemies. The confused enemy will start attacking other enemies around them instead of attacking you.
  • Courser Bee Honey
    • Creates and arrow that spawns a bunch of bees that will begin attacking enemies.
  • Eyeballs
    • Eyeball arrows are great because they are like homing arrows. When you fire an eyeball arrow towards an enemy it will track it down, make these great for enemies that move very quick.
  • Aerocuda Wings
    • Allows your arrows to fly a lot further than normal.
  • Gibdo Bones
    • Greatly increases the attack power of arrows.
  • Dazzlefruit
    • Create an arrow that has a flash effect. This will disorient the enemy and make it easier to rush at them and attack them.

If you are looking to greatly improve your arrows with items that you can fuse, these are some of the best items that you can fuse with your arrows. By no means are these all the items that you can fuse with arrows.

There are tons of other items that you can fuse with your arrows in Tears of the Kingdom to get great effects. However, based on what we found, these were some of the best and most useful that you can use.

What do you think of Tears of the Kingdom’s new Fuse Ability? Are there some fusion combinations that you like to use that weren’t on this list? Let us know what you think! You never know what new fusion combination discoveries will be made the more days Tears of the Kingdom is out.

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