VALORANT Premier Playoff Tournament explained

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As the last day of VALORANT Premier matches unfolds, teams are gearing up for the final challenge in the Open Beta. The VALORANT Premier Playoff Tournament kicks off on May 21 to crown the best teams after four weeks of competition.

Teams across the globe have had a month to showcase their talents in competitive VALORANT on Ascent, Pearl, Bind, and Haven. So far, all enrolled teams have been able to queue for every match, including the VALORANT Premier System Test.

Now, only the top teams will make it to the Playoff Tournament and earn the chance to become the inaugural winners of the VALORANT Premier Beta.

Here’s everything you need to know about the upcoming VALORANT Premier Playoff Tournament.

VALORANT Premier Playoff Tournament Explained

Throughout the weekly Beta matches, teams have collected 100 points per win, and 25 points per loss. Only enrolled teams who have earned 375 points or more by the end of May 20 will be eligible to compete in the Playoff Tournament.

Then, based on their Zone and Division, teams will be seeded into a bracket of up to eight teams. By the end of the tournament, each bracket will produce one winning team.

Unlike the pre-determined maps in the weekly matches, teams will have the ability to select maps during the traditional banning process seen in professional VALORANT. Each team will ban a map until one is chosen. The team that does not make the ultimate decision will get to decide whether they begin on the attack or defense.

Each match will be a best of one, and losing teams will drop down into the Consolation Bracket. Although lower-bracket teams will not be able to place first or second, they can still battle for redemption and a third place finish.

Winning teams will receive a free Premier Beta Champions banner and title when they log into the game the follow day.