VALORANT Premier Schedule: All dates, maps, and matches

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VALORANT Premier competition continues today with Week 2 matches for all the enrolled teams in the Open Beta. All games must be played on the maps and dates chosen by Riot Games, so it is imperative teams known the full breakdown of the VALORANT Premier schedule.

After a chaotic Week 1, the Beta is settling in nicely, and teams have five more chances to increase their Premier Score to make the Playoff Tournament. Although everyone was eligible to participate in the VALORANT Premier System Test, only teams with at least 375 points will make the actual bracket come the end of the month.

Here’s a full rundown of all the dates, maps, and matches in the upcoming weeks of the VALORANT Premier Beta.

VALORANT Premier Schedule: All dates, maps, and matches

The following VALORANT Premier schedule is for the remaining weeks of the Beta, including the big Playoff Tournament to end the month-long competition. You can find your individual queue times, based on your Zone and Division, in the Premier Hub.

Week 2 Matches

Monday, May 8: Pearl

Week 3 Matches

Saturday, May 13: Bind

Monday, May 15: Bind

Week 4 Matches

Saturday, May 20: Haven

Playoff Tournament

Sunday, May 21

Unlike the pre-determined maps for the weekly matches, teams will have the power to ban maps in the Playoff Tournament. Each team will take turns banning maps until a map is chosen, and the team who did not make the final decision will determine who starts on the attack.

In both the weekly matchups and the Playoff Tournament, each match is a best of one. However, teams lucky enough to make the tournament will have a second chance in the Consolation bracket.

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