Tears of the Kingdom: How to find Fierce Deity Armor set

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How to find the Fierce Deity Sword in Tears of the Kingdom

Now that you have found the complete Fierce Deity Armor Set, your final piece of Fierce Deity that you are going to want to acquire is the Fierce Deity Sword. The Fierce Deity Sword is located West of Cephla Lake. There is a cave entrance in this area near the Chest Icon that is on the map. Make your way to this area and the entrance to the cave is the one where the two guys are sitting on the outside of it.

Before you enter the cave, make sure you have the full Fierce Deity Armor Set equipped onto Link. When you begin to run into the cave, the two men will stop you from going in and have a few words with you. The whole purpose of their conversation is by them telling you that they have been unable to find the treasure that lies inside.

After you are finished with your conversation with the two men, turn around and look for the dog near the campfire. Your goal is to get the dog to love you, so you are going to need to drop some meat until the dogs loves you. When the dog is finished eating and starts to gain your trust and loves you, the dog will begin to make its way inside the cave.

Follow the dog inside the Cephla Lake Cave and make sure not to lose him. Eventually when you make your way far inside the cave with the dog, a cutscene will begin that shows the door inside opening up to a chest.

The dog will make his way to a different part of the cave where he will lay down and bark at a different chest in the ground. You can free this chest from the ground and open it up and it contains the Ember Trousers. This has nothing to do with the Fierce Deity Sword, but it is unclear if you will be able to get this chest again without the help of the dog so you might as well get these while you are in here.

At this point you can make your way to the chest that is in the wall and the chest contains the Fierce Deity Sword. You must remember that in order to get the sword, you need to have all three pieces of Fierce Deity Armor equipped before you enter this cave otherwise the door will not open.

Now that you have the Fierce Deity Sword, your Fierce Deity quest is now complete, and you can move on to conquer different challenges that Tears of the Kingdom throws your way. The Fierce Deity Armor Set and Sword are one of the many Armor Sets that Tears of the Kingdom offers, but a very powerful one that is definitely worth having in your collection.

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