Tears of the Kingdom: How to find the Phantom Armor Set

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If you are looking to find the Phantom Armor Set in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, you have come to the right place. The Armor Set consists of three pieces (Phantom Armor, Phantom Greaves, and Phantom Helmet) that when worn all at once you will gain a nice boost to your attack. Not only will your attacks be stronger, but you will be decked out in some cool Phantom gear. The whole set is really visually appealing.

How to Get Phantom Armor in Tears of the Kingdom

Your first step to collecting the whole Phantom Armor Set in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is to first collect the Phantom Armor itself. To find the Phantom Armor, make your way to the Tamio River Downstream Cave. This can be found on your map just Southwest of Rutile Lake where the water comes to a point.

Jump down into the little crevasse and make your way into the Tamio River Downstream Cave. When you enter the cave, hug the left wall and continue to travel on the left side where you eventually will make your way up a path that has two teal rocks on each side.

At the top of the path, you are going to want to jump off of the cliff and paraglide towards the right side of the cave. You should also see two more glowing teal rocks in this area. Head towards these two teal rocks in this portion of the cave and go past them just slightly. At this point turn around and there will be a wall filled with breakable rocks. Destroy this wall, make your way through the wall and up the path to where a chest will be awaiting you at the top. Inside the chest is the Phantom Armor piece.

How to Get Phantom Greaves in Tears of the Kingdom

Your next stop is to go and acquire the Phantom Greaves. The Phantom Greaves are located just East of the Gerudo Desert in the East Barrens. This is the area where there are twelve hole pits filled with quicksand.

If you open up the map and zoom out a little bit, you will see all twelve holes on the map. The hole that you are going to need to jump into is the third one down from the middle row. This is also the hole that is directly above the bottom most hole.

When you jump down into this hole you will be dropped right into the Ancient Altar Ruins. The chest will be sitting on top of the ledge above. Use the sand in the center of the room as leverage to jump onto the ledge with the chest. The Phantom Greaves will be awaiting in the chest.

How to Get Phantom Helmet in Tears of the Kingdom

The last piece of Phantom Armor that you need in order to complete the entire Phantom Armor Set in Tears of the Kingdom is the Phantom Helmet. The Phantom Helmet can be found just South of Haran Lake and Nette Plateau, right at Puffer Beach.

When you make your way to Puffer Beach, you are actually going to want to travel to Puffer Beach Overhead Cave. Just like the name suggests, Puffer Beach Overhead Cave is directly above Puffer Beach. In order to get to this area, you need to grab a rocket with links arm that is near the shoreline and attach it to one of the boulders in the dirt. Ignite the rocket and jump onto the boulder and you will glide up into the air with it. This will lead you right to the cave up above. However, you may need to grapple onto the wall a bit and climb into the cave manually. Run through the cave and the chest is sitting not too far after you have entered the cave.

When you have found all three pieces, put them all on and represent yourself as a Phantom Warrior. Not only is this one the best visually looking sets, but each piece also boosts your attack stats as well.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom have plenty or armor sets for players to find and this one is hard to pass up.

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