Star Wars Jedi: Survivor: How to solve Crypt of Uhrma of Jedha

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Star Wars: Jedi Survivor has a giant amount of optional content and literally hundreds of collectibles for you to find. You will need all of them if you want the 100% completion as well as the associated platinum trophy or achievement. One of these is on the second planet you’ll visit, Jedha. It’s a completely optional dungeon but you’ll pass it on your way through a main story mission. Rather than take the time yourself to figure it out, we’ll give you a little hint below. Check it out and let us know what you think.

The Crypt of Uhrma is on Jedha in the southern section called the Blustery Mesa and you’ll pass it during the Pilgrim’s Sanctuary message. You’ll come across a door with 8 blocks that you’ll need to hit in the proper order to open it up. Each block can either be in or pulled out. Now, of course if you’d like to try all 256 possible combinations, then have it. If not, we have the solution for you here.

There are two rows of four blocks on top of each other. In order to open the door, make the combination as follows:

Top Row – Out, in, in, out

Bottom Row – In, out, out in

Once you get in, there will be a databank and stim chest collectible inside. There’s also one of the 7 legendary creatures Sutaban Alpha. In order to even fight this creature, however, you’ll need the force dash ability to pass the green barriers. Of course, all of this is needed for the 100% and you’ll get a gambler perk. This is a sneaky one as the name implies. Equipping it will net you more experience, but anything you have on you is lost once you die. I found a good way around this is to find a quick group of enemies near a meditation point to farm. All you have to do is then simply unequip the perk in areas you think may be tougher and dredge ahead. Of course, you can go full on gambler and keep it on the entire game but that’s a bit sadistic, right? Right?

We hope this guide helps you on your way to 100% in Jedi Survivor. Be sure to check out some of our other guides as well below

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