Star Wars Jedi: Survivor: All Koboh recruit locations

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One of the things you’ll need to do in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is recruit allies to aid you. The second area you’ll explore planet Koboh, has nine recruits you can find. Below, we’ll walk you through where to find all nine and what you need to do.

The bartender can give you hints inside the saloon if you’re stuck, but you shouldn’t need much of them if you just explore. Some do require certain abilities, which unfortunately I didn’t know right away and it cost me some time. Here we go:

1. Toa

In the Basalt forest, Toa really can’t be missed. There’s a really tiny “camp” if you want to call it that and she is the one who gets you on the path to find the hidden Jedi Chambers

2. Garra

Go to Untamed Downs section and climb the vines. Can’t miss them. There’s a random guy on a treasure chest. Use a mind trick to tell them to get their ass up and leave with the help of the nearby Rodian.

3. Skoova

In the Foothill Falls section, he’ll be on a boat fishing on the water.

4. Bhima & Tulli

Located in Boiling Bluffs.  There’s a huge ledge here that you can’t access until you can tame animals and jump with the Nekko. Once you can, do this and you’ll be up top where there’s an enemy attacking 2 NPC’s. Beat the enemy and you’ll recruit the two.

5. Jawas

Bygone settlement. You’ll need the Nekko mount for this and Force Dash which comes late in main story. Use Dash to blow past the strong wind to find the Jawas.

6. Wini

Viscid Bog Swampland. You will need force lift in order to move the giant rocks blocking what she needs. Do this and recruiting is easy.

7. T1N8

Same area as Skoova and the boat but you need force Dash for this too. There’s an old shoddy building here same spot with the Droid in the basement. Use Dash to get inside and recruit.

8. Pili

Blistery Mesa section. He stands out as it’s the only weird alien in a huge garden in the area. Just talk to them and they’ll be ready to go.

9. Ashe, DDeC

Once you can use Nekko, come here to the very middle of Harvest ridge. There’s a small water hole here in the center and you find these two here.

10. Pit Droid  – go the gorge crash site when you have force lift and get the boat out of the tar.

These are all the recruits available on Koboh and will get you on your way to earning the coveted 100% completion achievement for Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. Let us know how you’re doing below.