Is MLB The Show 23 Down? How to Check Server Status

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Is MLB The Show 23 down is a question many ask themselves if they’re having trouble connecting to Diamond Dynasty on PlayStation, Xbox or Switch.

MLB The Show is not exempt to similar server issues other games and services face. In years past, MLB The Show servers were notorious for going down frequently hindering online play. Most recently, MLB The Show 23 servers went down on Apr. 23 with SIE San Diego Studios informing players that the studio was aware of ongoing issues.

Those issues have been remedied, but it’s possible servers go down again in the future. Here’s how to stay on top of MLB The Show 23’s server status.

Is MLB The Show 23 Down? How to Check Server Status

When encountering a connection issue, first make sure nothing is going wrong on your end with your own ISP. If everything is good there, and there’s no issue with your console’s online service, first head to the MLB The Show 23 Twitter account. SDS usually communicates with its MLB The Show community whenever there are server issues. As well, it doesn’t hurt to just do a quick search on Twitter to see if other people are having the same error or if it’s just affecting you.

Finally, make sure to use DownDetector as another great source. DownDetector can track the amount of reports of server outages and where those reports are coming from.