MLB The Show 23 Game Update 3 released: Full patch notes

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Sony San Diego Studio has released the third major game update for MLB The Show 23. Game Update 3 arrived today at 4:00 a.m. PT so you might be prompted to download it when booting up your game this weekend.

The update features fixes for multiple issues across the various game modes, including Diamond Dynasty, Road to the Show, March to October and more. These are relatively small fixes for things like pitches not going to the selected location in RTTS’s Custom Practice or a freeze that would occur when making defensive adjustments in Co-op. Players will be happy to know that it also contains fixes for several crashes occurring during online head-to-head matchups, which is a relief.

Perhaps the most important change made in today’s update is to Pitch Accuracy. Sony San Diego has made multiple adjustments to pitch accuracy tuning in hopes of addressing player frustration regarding perfect inputs not feeling rewarding.

"Reduced frequency of pitches landing directly on the edge of the Perfect Accuracy Region (PAR). This benefits all pitching interfaces."

"Cleaned up some of the known instances where pitches could land outside of the Perfect Accuracy Region (PAR)."

"Artwork tuning where the Perfect Accuracy Region (PAR) was not displaying at the true size on occasion."

"Removed the Perfect Accuracy Region (PAR) display post-pitch while slidestepping, as there is an accuracy penalty that is not accounted for within the initial PAR."

As Pinpoint Pitching generates the smallest PAR, Sony notes that these changes will be most prevalent within Pitchpoint Pitching. However, all pitching interfaces should see at least somewhat of an improvement with pitching accuracy.

Today’s update also lowers the requirements for Live Series Captains in Diamond Dynasty. Captains are new to Diamond Dynasty this year, allowing you to obtain stat boosts for your team if you meet certain requirements that come with certain Captain Series players. What Sony has noticed so far is that they aren’t being used as frequently as they would like, so they are lowering the squad building requirements for each tier of every Live Series Captain by one. So a Captain that would need five players for his Tier 1 Boost will now only need four. The hope is that this increases the usage of Captains and Live Series cards in Ranked play.

And lastly, although this isn’t necessarily a fix, it is a welcomed addition. The Jackie Robinson Day uniform update is now available in Road to the Show and Franchise. Jackie Robinson Day is celebrated on April 15 every year across the Majors. Traditionally every team honors Jackie Robinson by having every player wear his jersey number, #42. This year, each team will have his number in Dodger blue with Dodgers’ style numbering.

For those unfamiliar with the history of Jackie Robinson, he was the first black major league baseball player of the modern era, making his debut for the Brooklyn Dodgers on April 15, 1947. You can learn all about the rich history of the Negro Leagues in baseball directly through MLB The Show 23 as part of the game’s brand-new Storylines mode.

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That’s all for Game Update 3 for MLB The Show 23. The update should now be available across all platforms. You can read the full patch notes here.