Pokémon Stadium Nintendo Switch Online release date

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Pokémon Stadium, the classic Pokémon arena battler for the Nintendo 64 is coming to Nintendo Switch Online. Here’s the release date for the long-awaited port.

Pokémon fans in possession of a Nintendo 64 back in the day will have no doubt spent countless hours on Pokémon Stadium. Like the main series, Pokémon Stadium allowed players to battle with the original 151 Pokémon, this time in dedicated tournaments and Gym Leader battles.

The game also allows players to transfer their Pokémon teams from Pokémon Red, Blue and Yellow using the N64 Transfer Pak, to be used in Pokémon Stadium’s battle modes.

But, if constant battling wasn’t your style, Pokémon Stadium also featured a variety of mini-games to play via the “Kids Club” section, a sort-of party mode. The mini-games included:

  • Clefairy Says: A Clefairy version of Simon Says, where players must use the Control Pad to repeat the directions written on the blackboard.
  • Dig! Dig! Dig!: Players race to see which Sandshrew can dig for water the fastest.
  • Ekans’ Hoop Hurl: A ring-toss game where players toss several Ekans over the Digletts that pop out of the holes. A special golden Diglett awards more points.
  • Magikarp’s Splash: As Magikarp, players must use the Splash move to make it hit the counter above them.
  • Rock Harden: As either Metapod or Kakuna, players must use ‘Harden’ to stop themselves from taking damage from falling boulders. Each use of Harden reduces the Pokémon’s stamina. The winner is the last one standing.
  • Run, Rattata, Run: As Rattata, players run on a treadmill, completing a mini obstacle course and racing to the finish line.
  • Snore War: As Drowzee, players must use ‘Hypnosis’ on a pendulum when it hits the middle point of the swing. Doing so makes the other players’ Drowzees fall asleep.
  • Sushi Go-Round: Using Lickitung, players must eat as much sushi as they can while avoiding spicy foods which send Lickitung into a panic. The player with the most expensive sushi bill wins.
  • Thundering Dynamo: As Pikachu or Voltorb, players must rapidly press the A or B button depending on the color of the light bulb to charge electricity.

When does Pokémon Stadium release on Nintendo Switch?

Pokémon Stadium, in all its glory, will be arriving as a port on the Nintendo Switch as part of the Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack. The port will release on April 12, 2023.

The release date was announced as part of a recent Nintendo Twitter post.