Is Marvel Snap coming to Nintendo Switch, Xbox or PlayStation?

Marvel / Second Dinner
Marvel / Second Dinner /

To say that Marvel Snap was a surprise hit is an understatement. After years and years of swing and misses trying to create something big — games that despite looking different follow the same format of collecting Marvel characters, shelling out micro-transactions, and dealing with ISO-9 (a special chemical Marvel created specifically for the sake of micro-transactions) — they all followed the mostly the same plotline. You end up just facing off against thousands of brain-dead computer-controlled opponents while following the most boring story on the planet.

Even ones with potential, like Marvel Future Revolution, turned out to be ol’ stinkers as they took a creative idea but then failed to move into the modern era. Instead, they kept it with “Magneto is a villain”, “Xavier leads the X-Men”, and things of that sort.

Marvel SNAP
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So when Marvel Snap came out and I saw it was a basic card collecting game I was interested but didn’t think anything would come with it. As I said, I hate the other Marvel mobile games but that doesn’t stop thousands of other people from dumping thousands into it monthly. And the one Marvel mobile game I actually enjoyed, Marvel Battle Lines, did not do well despite it being a really clever deck-building game. But, I hopped on the beta and played. And played. And honestly, I don’t think a day has gone by in months where I don’t at least play a game or two. It’s brilliant.

A card game with over 200 cards all with different abilities leads to a guarantee that you’ll either be surprised by an opponent or feel the joy of successfully guessing what they’re going to do and countering it.

But with all these amazing things, it seems odd that it hasn’t leaped to consoles, especially as a PC and Mac version exists.

Now, I’ve said in the past I’d absolutely love to see it.

Is Marvel Snap coming to Nintendo Switch, Xbox or PlayStation?

As of right now though, the roadmap seems to not mention a thing about a console release but it would seem likely. I’ve reached out to Nuverse to see if someone could comment on this but as of the time of writing this, I haven’t heard back.

The relatively simple mechanics of Marvel Snap would seemingly make an easy leap to consoles, especially the Nintendo Switch which is already a hybrid console with the ability to play on the go. We’ll update this as soon as we find out information so be sure to bookmark this.