5 Things we wish Marvel Snap would add in 2023

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There is no denying Marvel Snap’s success as it quickly became the number one game on both Android and iOS stores remarkably quick and even won mobile game of the year. Unlike most mobile games achieving success by tapping into a player’s deep seeded need for accomplishment and a steady progression rate, Marvel Snap is as simple and fun as it is complex and frustrating. It’s a game that demands you learn how things work together but also distracts you with fun visuals and subtle animations and sound work.

But while the game does constantly add interesting elements there are things that I’d love to see in the future that does not appear on Marvel Snap’s map for the future.

So here are five things I’d love to see. Things I’d actually get some use out of instead of $50 dollar variant cards. Though kudos to Marvel for somehow figuring out that that was a market. I laughed so hard at the concept of paying $50 for a variant art card of cards I already had until I encountered so many people playing using those cards despite them not being real and having zero ties to anything tangible.

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Don’t get me wrong. I love Sera and Angela. They’re my favorite couple in Marvel and I have a deck that I love that has both of them in it and I’d love to switch it up from the Pixel versions I’m rocking now but I can’t spend $50 on virtual images and like my wife in the eyes at the same time.

Anywho, moving on from being “old man yells at cloud” here are my five wishes for the next year.

REAL vs Friend mode

I got really excited when I found out that Marvel Snap was going to add the ability to go against your friends. Marvel Snap is one of the most engaging card games I’ve ever seen but because of such crazy abilities like Maria Hill and Nick Fury being able to suddenly draw any card that exists into your hand, it is nearly impossible to replicate in real life without literally having access to every single card that exists. So the thought of being able to chill with someone on the couch and boop about in the game on our phones and yell at each other IRL was great.

Then I realized that, for some reason, the versus mode was going to be a completely different format that requires a different type of strategy as opposed to one where you could finally show them the deck you’ve been bragging about was a massive bummer. I don’t want to play a different version of the game. I want to play Marvel Snap. Just let me have that mode, Marvel. Damn.