Dead Space Remake: All nine weapon locations

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The Dead Space Remake gives gamers a lot of variety in terms of what weapons you could use to mow down Necromorphs. In total, there are nine weapons scattered throughout various Chapters in the Dead Space Remake. If you like to have a little bit of variety in your weapon collection, then collecting all nine weapons will be something you will be looking to do. Owning every weapon in the Dead Space Remake will unlock the Achievement/Trophy “Full Arsenal” as well.

Nine weapon locations

1. Plasma Cutter (Chapter 1)

The Plasma Cutter is one of the most iconic weapons in the entire Dead Space universe. It is also very powerful and useful when you decide to put some upgrades into it. The Plasma Cutter will be the first weapon that you come across in the Dead Space Remake and it will be found in Chapter 1.

When you take the elevator down to the Service Workshop, you will see the Plasma Cutter sitting on a bench in front of a wall that says the creepy words “CUT OFF THEIR LIMBS.” If you remember watching the official Dead Space Remake Gameplay Trailer a few months ago, the “CUT OFF THEIR LIMBS” was displayed in the trailer and that is where you find the Plasma Cutter.

2. Stasis Module (Chapter 1)

You are also going to find the Stasis Module in Chapter 1 as well. If head downstairs from the Tram Control Room, you will see a door that keeps opening and closing by itself. Once you are downstairs, make your way to the malfunctioning door and the Stasis Module is sitting right in front of the door attached to an amputated hand.

3. Kinesis Module (Chapter 2)

Kinesis is going to come in handy a lot of the time in the Dead Space Remake and for more than one reason. First, you need to find the Kinesis Module. The Kinesis Module can be found at the ver beginning of Chapter 2. You will get the objective to “Get to the Medical Deck. In order to complete this objective, make your way through the door titled “Medical Cargo Depot.” When you enter the Medical Cargo Depot, the objective will be completed, and the Kinesis Module will be found on a bloody crate to the left of when you walk in.