How to get Dead Space 2 free by pre-purchasing the Dead Space Remake

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The Dead Space Remake is almost upon us and while there are many new changes we can expect from the remake, there was news on Dead Space 2 that not many of us were expecting to hear. Steam is offering a pre-purchase offer for the Dead Space Remake that also gives you Dead Space 2 for free.

If you head on over to Steam and pre-purchase the Dead Space Remake before the game releases, you will also automatically receive Dead Space 2 as part of the package. As of right now this offer is only a Steam exclusive offer so if you pre-purchased the Dead Space Remake on console, you will not be receiving Dead Space 2 as part of your purchase.

Since this offer has been made available on Steam, this very well may entice more gamers to pre-purchase on their PC instead of console. Regardless, the game is going to be visually breathtaking on both the console and PC, but this may drive more Dead Space franchise fans to get an extra game for their purchase.

Dead Space 2 was released back in 2011 and did a fantastic job of creating a sequel to the first game. Isaac Clarke’s adventure got even better as Dead Space 2 was a whole lot more gruesome and gorier. If you loved the original Dead Space game, you are surely going to love Dead Space 2 if you haven’t gotten the chance to play it before.

There are also a few different editions that you can pre-order. If you have looked over every edition and still are leaning towards getting one of them for the PC, it is better to pre-purchase the game than to wait so that you can receive Dead Space 2 at no additional cost. If you have already pre-purchased the Dead Space Remake via Steam, you have nothing to worry about. You will still be receiving Dead Space 2 for free because of your purchase.

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2023 is looking like it can be the year to revive the Dead Space franchise and it all begins with the Dead Space Remake on January 27. However, it doesn’t have to end there. You can still play Dead Space 2 and Dead Space 3 throughout 2023 and really try and get as much Dead Space content as you can in. By pre-purchasing on Steam, you will already have two of the three games in your gaming library.