High on Life: How to unlock the secret ending for Sequel Bait Achievement

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High on Life is a hilarious game with a lot of action that has no problem with being completely goofy at most times. High on Life was developed by Squanch Games and Squanch Games was actually founded by the co-director of Rick and Morty, Justin Roiland. Hence where a majority of the humor that surrounds this game comes from.

One of the greatest parts about video games is being able to find any hidden secrets developers have put into the game. A majority of video games that you play have special secrets to find. Some secrets may be as simple as a poster on the wall that refers to other games or stories from that game, while other secrets may be as big as having an additional secret ending that can be found by going through some extra steps.

Squanch Games decided that they were going to add some secrets into High on Life and one of the main secrets in the game is accessing a secret ending that would also unlock the secret Sequel Bait Achievement.

How to unlock and view the Secret Ending for High on Life

If you are looking to unlock the secret ending, you are going to have to unlock the regular ending first by beating the game. If you haven’t beaten High on Life yet, you will not be able to access the secret ending. Luckily, there is nothing you have to do special during the game to unlock the secret ending. Just beat High on Life however you so please and then you can take the next steps.

After you have finished the game and watched the credits, you will be brought back to the main menu. From the main menu, you are going to want to continue the game. Back at your house, you are going to want to go over to the Bounty-5000 and use the planet selection menu. The location that you want to choose is “Clug’s Office” located in the Nova Sanctus World.

When you arrive to Clug’s Office, go over to Clug’s desk and take the purple Human Haven Keycard that is laying there. After you pick up the keycard, return back home so you can use the Bounty-5000 again. This time the World you are going to choose is the “Unknown Sector.” When you walk through the portal, you will notice a bunch of people standing around and a structure in the middle of the room with a sign on it saying, “DO NOT CLIMB.” Of course, you are going to want to break the rules and begin to climb and ascend upwards by using your jetpack. Ascend all the way up to the top where you can see some red lights.

Now that you have ascended all the way up to the top platform, there will be a locked door that states, “NO TRESPASSING.” Luckily for you, the Human Haven Keycard that you picked up from Clug’s Office unlocks this door. When you walk through the door and explore the area a bit, you will unlock the Sequel Bait Achievement. However, your journey is not over yet.

The spinning fan that is on the wall you are going to have to freeze that so you can go through it and begin to ascend downwards. Continue to follow the red lights on your way down until you reach a room with a disgusting surprise. Continue to explore as you are now exploring the secret ending. I won’t spoil the secret ending here, so if you want to find out how this ending concludes, you are going to have to try this out for yourself.

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One thing that I will say is that the Sequel Bait Achievement that you unlocked may actually be alluding to a potential High on Life Sequel. Obviously since High on Life has only been out for a couple of days, there is no word on if there will actually be a sequel yet. However, Squanch Games may have added this Achievement into High on Life as a way to say that they are leaving the door open for the potential if the game gets a lot of good feedback and so far, there has been a ton of good feedback.