Elden Ring: How to unlock all six endings that we know of so far

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Elden Ring is a very in-depth video game with many twists and turns. If you are a fan of video games that involve a lot of hidden secrets and surprises, then Elden Ring is definitely one of those games for you. The Lands Between will definitely give you plenty of hours of gameplay to conquer as you travel the lands far and wide.

Elden Ring has not even been out for two weeks yet and gamers have already been discovering tons of secrets that the game has to offer. It is not an easy video game to try and play through, so anytime a hidden secret is found, it makes you feel that much more accomplished. Since Elden Ring has been released, a total of six different endings have been discovered. Whether or not there are more is still unknown. However, we can assume that if there are more endings to find, it will only be a matter of time before those are actually found too.

In order to access all six of these endings, you will be required to go through a set of steps in order to view each of these endings. Some endings may be simpler to unlock than others. But if you are someone who likes to see everything a game has to offer and want to see what the Lands Between has to offer at the end of your Elden Ring journey, these endings are surely worth checking out.

Keep in mind that you can only witness one ending per playthrough, so if you want to see the others you will need to continue though subsequent Journeys (aka New Game+).

Elden Ring
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Age of Fracture

Age of Fracture is basically the default ending of Elden Ring. If you follow the campaign the way that Melina has been leading you through, this is the ending that you will get. Obviously, being the default ending, this is the easiest and most commons ending that you will come across.

In order to officially get this ending, you will need to first complete some tasks along your journey.

  • Beat at least two Demi-Gods
  • Defeat Morgott
  • Claim the Giant’s Fire
  • Defeat Malekith
  • Defeat the final bosses in Leyndell, Ashen Capital.

After Melina takes you through your Elden Ring journey and you have defeated the Elden Beast, you are then able to touch fracture Marika and choose the option to mend the ring. The Tarnished will become Elden Lord and will then sit upon the throne. This is your default ending, but one that there is a good chance of you witnessing if you can make it to the very end.