Sonic Frontiers: How to unlock and access the True Ending


Sonic Frontiers is the latest video game release in the Sonic franchise. It released on November 8 and since then gamers have explored the mysterious Starfall Islands. However, if you progressed through the story mode on Normal difficulty or easier, you would not have access to the True Ending. Instead, you will have the normal expected ending.

If you decide to bump up the difficulty to Hard Mode prior to acquiring the final Chaos Emerald on the Ouranos Island, you are eligible to achieve the True Ending secret ending. This is great because you can play through most of the game on whatever difficulty you want, but as long as you switch the difficulty to hard prior to gaining the final Chaos Emerald, you can still get the ending.

From this point on in the game, you will have to finish the main story on Hard Mode. Once you progress to the end of the story, you will face off against the Final Boss called the Titan Supreme. When you defeat the Titan Supreme, the game is not over. Sonic and Sage will head right on into space where you will be one step closer to unlocking the secret True Ending.

Once you get into space, you will have one final boss battle against The End. The End boss battle is a little bit different than you would expect as it takes place in the style of a 2D space shooter. This boss battle is not going to be easy and will be one of your toughest challenges in the game. However, once you defeat The End, you will have a lot of satisfaction that comes along with the defeat.

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At this point not only do you have a ton of satisfaction for defeating The End, but you will also be granted a special cutscene once the credits are finished rolling. Everyone loves a good secret and a challenge, so if you are looking for something else to do on your Sonic Frontiers journey, you can try and defeat The End.