God of War Ragnarok: How to obtain all five Shields

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God of War Ragnarok is a very in-depth game that will test Kratos in a variety of different ways. The enemies you encounter will test your battling abilities and so will many of the bosses that you will need to defeat. Luckily, God of War Ragnarok supplies you with plenty of weapons and Armor Sets, including powerful Armor Sets that can be crafted to assist you even further when you do battle. However, when it comes to the various Shields that are in the game, there are only a total of five you can find.

Five Shields will do you just fine as it is not too many and nor is it too little. Five seems like the perfect number of Shields to have in a game like God of War Ragnarok. Acquiring all five Shields will give you many options on which one best suits you, but it will also unlock the PlayStation Trophy “Phalanx.” A couple of the Shields are right under your nose, but a couple of the other ones require you to do some additional exploration.

Dauntless and Stonewall Shields

The Dauntless Shield and the Stonewall Shields are two Shields that require very little exploration to acquire. You simply just have to make your way over to the Blacksmith to purchase them. The Dauntless Shield is perfect for players who feel confident with the combat mechanics of God of War Ragnarok. It requires a good amount of confidence to use because you need to get good at parrying attacks in battle. If you can master parrying attacks, you will find the Dauntless Shield to have even greater use to you. The Dauntless Shield is for players who like a Shield with more offense. Think of the Dauntless Shield as more of a weapon than a protective Shield.

While you are purchasing the Dauntless Shield from the Blacksmith, you might as well purchase the Stonewall Shield while you are still there. The Stonewall Shield is a little bit different than the Dauntless Shield. The Stonewall Shield is a way more defensive type of Shield that will absorb many hits. This Shield can be looked at as a safer option if you are still trying to learn the mechanics of the game.

Guardian Shield

The Guardian Shield is one that you cannot miss and will be given to you as you automatically progress through the main story. Given to you at the start of the eight Main Quest: “The Word of Fate,” the Guardian Shield is one of the most equally balanced Shield in the entire game. The Guardian Shield is going to be perfect to have if you are looking for a little bit of offense and defense. You aren’t going to get any additional stat buffs like some of the other Shields may grant you, but there is nothing wrong with a Shield that caters to offense and defense.

Shatter Star Shield

The final two Shields are going to require you to find a specific Legendary Chest to unlock them. Starting with the Shatter Star Shield, this Shield can be found by traveling to the Vanaheim Realm and heading to The Abandoned Village. Once you arrive in this area, you can begin looking for this Legendary Chest. There is a path with poisonous plants and a giant chain that you can climb your way up. You will need to destroy some plants on both sides of the chain before you can begin the climb. Once you climb the chain, you will see the Legendary Chest containing the Shatter Star Shield.

Onslaught Shield

If you have made it this far, then you are one Shield away from having all five available in God of War Ragnarok. The fifth and final Shield is called the Onslaught Shield. This Shield can be found in the Helheim Realm. When you finish defeating the Garm boss and continue on in the main story, the path that you are on should automatically lead you to a Legendary Chest. If for some reason you have passed this point in the story, you can’t return to this location. However, you can still get the Onslaught Shield by visiting the Blacksmith Shop as it is automatically added there after this point in the game.

Acquiring all five Shields is not an overly difficult task by any means. The flexibility of having all five Shields is a great thing to have because each Shield can cater to different type of players, and they all have their different buffs and upgrades that make them even more powerful than some of the other Shields.

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Regardless of what Shield you decide to use, upgrading and adding attachments to the one that you use is only going to make it better. God of War Ragnarok is surely going to keep you on your toes with all the collecting and exploring that this game has to offer.