God of War Ragnarok: Where to find all four Lost Pages

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God of War Ragnarok takes you on a special journey that follows Kratos and his son Atreus. During the journey there will not only be secrets for you to uncover, but also countless amounts of collectibles for you to find. If you love finding collectibles and want to work your way towards getting 100% completion, you will need to find all four of the Lost Pages that are scattered throughout the various Realms.

Lost Pages have a little bit of a different purpose than just normal collectibles that can be found. When you find Lost Pages, not only do they act as collectibles, but they also unlock additional Relics at the Blacksmith. If you plan on collecting all of the Relics in God of War Ragnarok, this is another reason as to why you would want to find all four of these Lost Pages. There is no specific order that these Lost Pages need to be found in, so collect them in any order you would like.

Lost Page #1: The Lost Treasury (Midgard)

The first Lost Page I will talk about is one of the harder ones to acquire and that is because you need to complete the Favor: Sigurn’s Curse before you can collect this Lost Page. Once you have completed the required Favor, head over to the Lost Treasury. When you arrive at The Lost Treasury, there will be a crack on the ground. This indicates that this part of the ground can be destroyed, and you will need to jump on it to destroy it. After you destroy the floor in The Lost Treasury and jump on down, the Lost Page will be waiting for you.

Lost Page #2: The Barrens (Alfheim)

This next Lost Page is number 1 of 2 different Lost Pages in the Alfheim Realm. In order to acquire your second Lost Page, you will need to make your way to The Barrens. In the Northwest part of The Barrens there will be a Legendary Chest. The Lost Page will be nearby. There will also be a Raven in the area circling around. You won’t miss this one if you just make your way to this Northwest area and locate the Legendary Chest. If there are enemies in the area, take care of business and collect another Lost Page.