Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: How to evolve Charcadet

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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet have a slew of new and returning Pokemon in the game. Roughly around 400. Many of these can evolve into new and interesting forms depending on how you go about it.

Pokemon like the three starters you get at the beginning of the game use a more traditional method whilst returning Pokemon, like Primeape and Girafarig, as well as new Pokemon, like Gimmeghoul and Pawmo, all require new and strange methods to evolve. You might even just forget how Sudowoodo or Crabrawler evolved.

The newly added Fire-type “Fire Child” Pokemon Charcadet easily has one of the most unique methods yet.

How to evolve Charcadet in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Charcadet has two different evolutions: the Fire/Psychic warrior Armarouge and the Fire/Ghost swordsman Ceruledge.

The first thing to keep in mind, these evolutions are actually version specific so if you have Pokemon Scarlet, you’re going to be going for the Armarouge and if you have Pokemon Violet you’re going to be getting Ceruledge.

If you’re looking to get Armarouge in Pokemon Scarlet you’re actually going to need to go hunting Bronzor. This is pretty easy to do if you find one of the many scattered ruins covering the map. Let’s Go fight them until you got at least 10 of the Bronzor drops.

From there you’re going to take those and head out to the city of Zapapico and look for a man standing by a small fountain. He’ll have a yellow speech bubble so he sticks out a lot. You can trade the Bronzor drops for an item called Auspicious Armor.

To evolve Charcadet into Armarouge go into your bag, find the Auspicious Armor, and use it on Charcadet.

If you’re in Pokemon Violet, however, you’re going to need to find the little teacups known as Sinistea.  You’re gonna need ten of their drops.

Once you have 10 Sinistea drops you’re going to head to Zapapico and look for the NPC by the fountain. The Violet version has a slightly different set of skills and can take those 10 Sinistea drops and make an item called Malicious Armor.

To evolve Characadet into Ceruledge go into your bad, find the Malicious Armor, and use it on Charcadet.

Armarogue has higher Defence and Special Attack whereas Ceruledge has higher Special Defence and Attack.

Armarogue is capable of learning Armor Cannon in which it turns its shoulder armor into a Megaman-esque arm cannon and fires at the enemy. It does crazy damage while also lowering the user’s Defense and Special Defense as, you know, it’s firing its armor.

Ceruledge is capable of learning Bitter Edge. While not as strong as Armor Cannon, it has the perk of healing Ceruledge for 50% of the damage caused.

And if you’re looking for both, all you really need to do once you have the necessary drops is hop into a Union Circle with a friend that has the other version of the game and run into their version of Zapapico. Just be nice and let them do the same with your game.