Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: How to evolve Bounsweet and Steenee

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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet feature hundreds of new and returning Pokemon. And many of these have evolutions.

While some Pokemon can be evolved by simply leveling them up, others require different, often specific, and sometimes tricky things. Gimmighoul, for example, requires you to collect a certain amount of coins. Pawmo requires you take 1,000 steps. And so on.

The Grass Type line of Bounsweet, Steenee, and Tsareena involves a weird method unique to itself. But doing so also gets you access to the one Pokemon capable of knowing a specific move.

First, you’re going to want to get a Bounsweet. This seems really easy to do as I honestly encountered these little guys by accident as they’re all over the place and really hard to see.

Once you have one, you just need to level it up for a bit. When you get a Bounsweet to level 18, it’ll evolve into Steenee.

From there you need to work at it a bit and get it to level 28. That doesn’t automatically evolve it though. At level 28 it learns the move Stomp. You can only evolve Steenee into Tsareena by leveling up a Pokemon that knows Stomp. So make sure you learn the move at level 28 or it won’t happen.

As a pure Grass Type it’s going to have a lot of weaknesses. It’ll be the one time you see an Ice Type user get really excited. But Tsareena isn’t without benefits. Not only does it has solid Attack and Sp. Def stats, but Tsareena is the only Pokemon capable of learning Trop Kick.

Trop Kick is a powerful physical attack that not only hits hard but also lowers your opponent’s attack one stage. So follow these steps to get a Tsareena and you’ll be kickin’ the attack out of your foes in no time.