MultiVersus: Season 2 brings new Battle Pass, characters, and much more

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It is hard to believe that MultiVersus Season 1 has already come to an end. But when one door closes, another one opens. Season 2 of MultiVersus is officially out and with how much success Season 1 has brought to this fantastic free-to-play fighting game, Player First Games is ready to make sure that Season 2 blows it right out of the water.

Of course, with Season 2 there are going to be a lot of new additions that make their way into the game. For starters, you can expect to see some new characters make their way into the MultiVersus world. We don’t know how many characters will exactly be debuting and joining the cast as part of Season 2, but we do know of at least one character you’ll be seeing soon. Looney Tunes’ own Marvin the Martian will be a playable character in MultiVersus Season 2. Looney Tunes characters are no stranger to MultiVersus as Bugs Bunny and Tasmanian Devil are already characters that you can do battle with.

Winter is coming… and so is a new Game of Thrones themed map. While you won’t be able to take Iron Throne itself, you will be able to have many battles in front of the Iron Throne. As you do battle on the new Game of Thrones map, you can listen to a remix of great music from the actual show. Make sure you bring your best A-game when you are doing battle on this royal map.

If you enjoyed leveling up the Season 1 Battle Pass, good news is that you will be able to do all that over again with the Season 2 Battle Pass. The Season 2 Battle Pass has tons of new taunts, icons, banners, and badges to unlock. Along with some of the items you can unlock, you can also find yourself unlocking various Character Variants along your Battle Pass journey. Both the free and premium versions of the Battle Pass will be making a return, so if you don’t decide to purchase the Battle Pass, you can still unlock a handful of rewards.

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With all the new additions being added to MultiVersus, you can also expect to see a bunch of bug fixes and network improvements. Network improvements have been something that has been an area that is and will continue to be of high priority of importance. If the game doesn’t run smooth, players aren’t going to be happy and thus not have a very good experience. Season 1 was a great start, but MultiVersus Season 2 is expected to be even better.