MultiVersus: How to level up the Season 1 Battle Pass quickly

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Ever since the release of MultiVersus, we have all been waiting for Season 1 to officially debut. MultiVersus Season 1 was supposed to debut on August 9, but it fell victim to being delayed. Then a few days ago, word broke out that Season 1 would officially be making its debut on August 15. That means if you are reading this, Season 1 is already out and available to dive plenty of hours into.

There was a lot of talk surrounding Season 1 of MultiVersus because it will be adding new characters, Ranked Mode, and an all-new 50-tiered Battle Pass that you can purchase in order to get cool cosmetics, XP, and plenty of other goodies for your enjoyment in the video game. The cost to purchase the Season 1 Battle Pass is roughly $10, so if this is a game you have been enjoying and want all these new characters and cosmetics, the Battle Pass may be very worth every penny.

However, one of the biggest things that people look forward to is how to tier up the Battle Pass in a quick manner so that they can get some of the best rewards each season has to offer. There are some things that you can make yourself more aware of doing that will help you level it up quicker, but ultimately there is not a secret trick to get all 50 tiers in one sitting.

Ways to level up the Season 1 Battle Pass quickly

Keep winning games

The first thing that will help you level up your Battle Pass quickly is something that will sound like complete common sense. Win games. Winning games grant you additional XP than a losing match would. If you master your playstyle and take that online, you will level up the Battle Pass more often than someone would if they were losing a ton of games. Time, practice, and mastering certain aspects of the game not only will make you a better player, but it will also grant you more XP in the long run.

Utilize your Rested XP

This next tip is going to sound a bit strange, but it is strangely effective. MultiVersus rewards its players by taking time off from playing the game. I know that sounds counterproductive because I am sure Player First Games wants gamers to grind out every last second of their time on the game, but in reality, time away actually helps out a small bit.

The reason why I bring this up is because there is such thing in MultiVersus called Rested XP. Rested XP is a rechargeable bar that slowly depletes every time you play a match. Rested XP is great because it always doubles the amount of XP you would normally get during a match. That means that if you earned 15 XP during a match that you won, you would get 30 XP due to Rested XP as long as you still have some of that bar filled. Once your Rested XP bar is emptied, it can be refilled by simply taking a break from the game. The bar takes roughly 24 hours to refill.

Complete Daily Missions and Seasonal Milestones

The last and some of the most important tips I can give you to level up the Season 1 Battle Pass in MultiVersus would be not to sleep on completing Daily Missions and Seasonal Milestones. Some challenges will be completed over time naturally, but if you are aware of the challenges that are needed to be completed, they can be conquered quicker rather than letting them come naturally.

Daily challenges are going to be slightly easier to complete because they go away by the end of the day. These won’t award you nearly as much XP as some of the Seasonal Milestones would, but any little bit extra XP definitely adds up. Most Daily Missions reward out on average 100 XP. Doing all Daily Missions every day will definitely start to add up over the course of the whole season.

Seasonal Milestones are exactly what they sound like. They are challenges that will stick around for the duration of the entire season. Completing the Seasonal Milestones will reward a lot more XP and really give you a boost to make sure you max out the Season 1 Battle Pass at tier 50. As I said, some of these will come naturally. For example, if the Seasonal Milestone is playing 50 games to earn 600 XP, that is something that will occur over time. However, if you get a Season Milestone that says use an emote 25 times in games, that is something you have to be more aware of. If you aren’t used to using emotes during games, this is going to be a challenge you are going to have to make yourself more aware of so that you start using emotes in 25 games.

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Following these tips will definitely help level up your Battle Pass quicker than not following these tips. There will come times when you and a group of friends decide to play for hours on end, and you won’t have your Rested XP bar filled and that is perfectly fine. During that time, you can definitely go for some challenges and hopefully grab some wins along the way. MultiVersus Season 1 is officially upon us and can be downloaded for free on PC, Xbox consoles, and PlayStation consoles today.