Looking back on the original Pokemon Scarlet and Violet reveal easter eggs

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Hey, I know I said I wasn’t going to be covering any Pokemon Scarlet and Violet leaks, so instead let’s go back a bit to when the games were first revealed. Y’all remember that first trailer? The one with the security guard at Game Freak entering a bizarre room that looked like a haunted Goodwill? If you don’t remember it, I’ll put it right here.

In the trailer a security guard notices a door partially open and filled with both a scarlet AND a violet light coming out of it. Upon entering a weird room that looks like the place where TGIFridays keeps the stuff they can’t fit on the walls. Things seemingly come alive, he aims his flashlight all over the place in a panic showing off various things. Then we get the trailer and our first views of the starters. At the time I was trying to piece together why everything was there and what it all meant. But now that Nintendo has shown us several trailers let’s try looking at this again just to see what they were hinting at.

1:05: We see a clock going crazy. Its hands spin wildly. And we do know that both the professors and the aesthetics of the mountable cover Pokemon give the appearance of something having to deal with the past and future so this may be hinting at it as well.

1:09: We cut to a treasure chest filled with coins. And, as Pokemon Go revealed, that’s going to be a link to Gimmeghoul, the weird treasure Pokemon that won’t be fully utilized until early 2023 because Game Freak wants to make Pokemon Home useless for some reason. 

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2:26: We see a desk covered in a ton of things. Most notable is a picture frame showing the logo of “Team Star”, the antagonistic team for Scarlet and Violet. But right next to it is a slew of crystals. In addition to crystalline items being all over the room in the form of everything from art to decanters these all seem to be tied to the newly revealed Terastal Phenomenon.

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2:30: It shows us a sandwich next to a bowl of fruit. And since we now know that sandwiches are going to be the food du jour of Scarlet and Violet that’s a pretty big tell.

I’m sure there’s more I missed here as the room this trailer takes place in looks like a stage from a free-to-play hidden object game so if you found something that ties to the official trailers, let me know in the comments!