Pokemon GO reveals Gimmeghoul, the adorably tiny coin-hoarding ghost

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On November 5th, Pokemon GO held a Community Day Classic in which Dratini returned with enough of a shiny rate where I have like eight of the pink wiggly bois in my collection now. But despite it being a return to a “classic” Community Day event, what happened next was a surprising first for the game.

Once the event ended, people still playing noticed that the majority of the standard Pokestops turned gold. When spun an animation like a shower of coins came off it before returning to normal and you find a strange coin. You also receive a call of sorts.

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Professor Willow then takes the call and it turns out to be a call from Mr. Jacq, the Homeroom Teacher introduced in the upcoming Pokemon Scarlet and Violet game.

In his fresh new outfit D̶a̶d̶d̶y̶ Professor Willow introduced the two of you before Mr. Jacq goes on to explain that he was in the middle of explaining a new Wigglett form to Professor Willow when they discovered some mysterious coins all over the place and, as they both seem to be remarkably immobile all the time, they take you with collecting as many of these coins as you can.

Collecting them is pretty easy though as it requires you to spin Pokestops. You can only spin once per day and I’m not entirely certain how it works because last night I spun twelve stops and in total walked away with two coins despite them all being gold.

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The mysterious coin had no other information with the exception of some strange cryptic tweets from the official Pokemon Twitter page that lead you to a weird website showcasing a picture of a treasure chest and hints towards a reveal at 9 AM Eastern Time.

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Finally, when the time rolled around the treasure chest animated and revealed a video and a new page showcasing another new ghost-type Pokemon somehow even cuter than their recent ghost reveal. Its name is Gimmeghou and it’s a tiny gold coin-obsessed spirit with two forms.

Its Chest form has it sticking out of a pile of coins from within the treasure chest, the chest attacking with it like an adorable Mimic. The Wondering form hasn’t been explained too much as of yet, but in the first trailer and in the official text you can actually find it hanging out in odd places. A later video actually showed that it’s a Pokemon that can be fully explored by linking to Pokemon GO which is both good news and bad news.


While it’s fantastic to know that Pokemon Home will be used in Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet, it’s very disappointing that the end of the video shows that it will be available in 2023  — meaning that, once again, we won’t have access to Pokemon Home in Scarlet and Violet until well after the vast majority of us have completely finished with the game and have lost interest in it. This is similar to how the addition of “Strange Balls” in Pokemon Legends Arceus failed to get people rushing back into the game. This, once again, brings up the question of whether or not Pokemon Home is even worth having anymore if your Pokemon is trapped in it until the Pokemon Company decides you’re allowed to have them.

Either way, we’ll see how things shake out as things progress but in the meantime, at least the little money ghost is cute.