Pokemon Home won’t be compatible with Scarlet and Violet until next year voiding any point to having it

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Pokemon’s official website has finally confirmed when Pokemon Home functionality is slated to be added to Scarlet and Violet and it SUCKS. In a recent update, it has been revealed that Pokemon Home will be compatible not this month, not next month, but Spring of 2023. Are. You. PLAYING WITH ME? I know we pretty much had it confirmed when Pokemon revealed that weird coin kid but it’s still super disappointing having it confirmed.

I know some people will say that going through the game with a Level 100 would break the game and while that’s true, it would be a miserable experience as a Level 100 wouldn’t even obey your attack commands until you’ve gotten your eighth gym badge.

Pokemon Legends Arceus: 'Plate of Moonview Arena' (Catching Cresselia)
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See, I’ve been playing since Pokemon Yellow and I have a very long-standing tradition with my Pokemon games. Not since Yellow but it’s definitely still a tradition that’s about several generations old.

I’ll beat a Pokemon game. I’ll beat the end-game content. And then I’ll fill out the Pokedex. After that, I’ll go after shinies. It’s a sometimes boring process but it’s something that helped me get through the first 30-some years of the Gundam series. Watching it as I go back and forth on my Pokemon trainer’s bike, hatching shinies.

The main purpose? So that when the next game comes out I can transfer those Level 1 shinies and play through the game with shiny Pokemon. It’s a thing I just enjoy doing. I like planning out my starting team and when the game starts I have a team of five specific Pokemon and my new starter and I’ll go through the game with them.

But…starting with Sword and Shield that’s been impossible. But at least with Sword and Shield they added Home support before the first DLC hit. This is why, if you read any of my past guides about the Sword and Shield DLC, you’ll notice my shiny Zygarde was with me all the time in almost every screen shot.

It was a different story with Pokemon Legends Arceus. Even with the addition of the weird “Strange Ball” you got from transferring Pokemon from Home into Legends Arceus, it wasn’t enough to get me to go try it. I had no interest in picking the game back up again.

And here’s the thing. “It’ll destroy the narrative flow.” Or what? MY game? The game I paid for.

Think of Uno. I love Uno. I’ve played the game so many times against friends and family. And everyone seems to have slightly different rules. Now imagine if there was a representative from Mattel that would come to your house every time you’re about to play Uno and let everyone know that they have an intended way to make you play and until you’re willing to do that, some of your special Uno cards are going to be locked away. No item cards in the Mario Kart deck. No Star Cards in the Super Mario Deck. Those get stored away until THEY say you can have those. It would suck.

But that’s what Game Freak and Nintendo are pulling here. It wouldn’t even screw with the online meta as every single Pokemon transferred from Home is recognized in the game as being transferred from Home, so you can make rules in the online ranked tournaments that, until a specific date no traded Pokemon can be used in rank. It would solve that issue.

Ugh. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, if we can’t have Pokemon Home from the jump why are we even wasting money paying for it if our Pokemon are just jailed away till the big bullies tell us we can play with our stuff again?