NHL 23 Community Roadmap features trailer reveals, presentations and more

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NHL 23 is still a little over a month away with the release date falling on October 14 or October 11 if you pre-order the X-Factor Edition. While we got our first proper look at gameplay today, there’s still a ton to be revealed before launch. EA Sports actually released an image on their Twitter page showcasing a roadmap on what is expected to be announced and shown for NHL 23 prior to its release.



August is just about over, but EA Sports still managed to get out a pretty important video that showcased the gameplay for NHL 23. The gameplay seemed smooth and will feature new animations to make it feel more authentic. There will also be new X-Factor abilities, new team strategies, and smarter AI. It was a very interesting gameplay video, and it shows that EA Sports is doing everything that they can in order to make the gamers experience feeling fresh, new, and exciting.


September is when EA Sports will reveal a more official presentation of NHL 23 along with an announcement pertaining to the various game modes. The Game Modes announcement should be an exciting one. We should get a better look at what’s new in Hockey Ultimate Team and World of Chel. Maybe EA Sports will surprise us and showcase some new game modes as well.

GM connected used to be one of the best game modes featured in the NHL video game franchise and it allowed you and a group of friends to join one league and play against each other to see who would come on top and win the Stanley Cup. Taking over an NHL team, making trades and competing with your buddies was incredibly fun and hopefully that mode will hopefully make its way back into the franchise one day.

There is also a good chance that we are surprised with a brand-new game mode — something never before seen in an NHL video game. All of this is possible, and we will get more of an idea on what EA Sports means by their Game Modes announcement when September rolls around.


Finally, the roadmap ends in October when NHL 23 is released on October 14. Of course, if you pre-order the X-Factor Edition of NHL 23, early access will allow you to play it three days early on October 11. If you look at the roadmap image shared by EA Sports, you will notice that there is one more announcement in October coming prior to early access on October 11. That would be a HUT reveal/announcement of some sort.

Hockey Ultimate Team is one of the biggest and most popular game modes feature in the NHL video game each year and this year appears to be no different. With a HUT announcement getting its own moment in the roadmap, we know that HUT is going to play a major role in NHL 23 this year.

We already know a couple new features for HUT this year. We know that Women hockey athletes will be playable in HUT for the first time ever and we also know that Cross-Platform Matchmaking will be available in HUT for the first time ever. This HUT announcement in October may dive a little bit deeper into these new features, but it also may show us a couple other new features that we haven’t been shown yet.

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As you can tell, even though there is just a little over a month away before NHL 23 releases worldwide, there is still a ton of information that EA Sports plans on sharing with us. It is time to buckle up, these next few months are going to be filled with tons of information regarding NHL 23 and it has the NHL gaming community excited.