NHL 23 pre-orders live: Which Edition should you buy?

After months of anticipation, we finally got a release date, a set of cover athletes, and gameplay footage of NHL 23. From what we saw from the worldwide reveal trailer, there are going to be a lot of first time ever moments that we will get to witness in NHL 23. But before you can actually get your hands on playing the video game, you are going to have to purchase it.

Pre-orders for NHL 23 are now live. This year there are only going to be two different versions of the game that you can purchase. You will have your choice of the Standard Edition and the X-Factor Edition. The beauty of having different versions of a game to purchase and to pre-order is that each of them come with a variety of different pre-order bonuses and add-ons that give you a little extra boost in the beginning of the game.

Standard Edition

Talking about Standard Edition video games can get a little repetitive, but that is because it is just the base game. However, even with the base game, you can still earn lots of cool rewards just by pre-ordering the game. If you decide to pre-order the Standard Edition of NHL 23, you will receive a total of 4 unique rewards.

  • X-Factor Women HUT Choice Pack (1 of 4)
  • 5 World of Chel X-Factor Zone Ability Unlocks (Instant)
  • Signed Sarah Nurse World of Chel Jersey (Digital)
  • Be a Pro X-Factor Slot Unlocks (2), XP Boost, and Bonus Trait Points

Just by pre-ordering the Standard Edition of NHL 23, you are still getting a decent number of rewards. If you plan on purchasing the game anyway, you might as well do it early if you are able to so that you gobble up some of the extra rewards. Plus, if you are an avid player of World of Chel or Hockey Ultimate Team, you are going to have a little head start on some of the other players on the game.

The Standard Edition of NHL 23 will cost $59.99 on both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and $69.99 on PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X|S.

X-Factor Edition

NHL 23

For the second year in a row, X-Factor abilities will be a part of the NHL video game. There will also be an X-Factor Edition of NHL 23 that will cost a little bit of extra money, but it will grant you with a ton of more rewards compared to the Standard Edition of the video game.

  • HUT Team Builder Choice Pack (2 of 32)(Must pre-order by September 16)
  • Dual Entitlement
  • 3-Days Early Access
  • 4,600 NHL Points
  • Hut X-Factor Player Choice Pack (1 of 18)
  • HUT X-Factor Power-Up Starter Pack
  • X-Factor Women HUT Choice Pack (1 of 4)
  • 5 World of Chel X-Factor Zone Ability Unlocks (Instant)
  • Signed Sarah Nurse World of Chel Jersey (Digital)
  • Be a Pro X-Factor Slot Unlocks (2), XP Boost, and Bonus Trait Points

Obviously if you decide to purchase the X-Factor Edition of NHL 23, you are going to be given a lot more bonuses and rewards. You will also be able to play the game starting on October 11 instead of October 14. This version of NHL 23 is really going to give you an even bigger head start in Hockey Ultimate Team and World of Chel. You also start off with 4,600 NHL points which you will be able to use to buy some pretty cool things in the game. You will also notice that you get everything from the Standard Edition as well so there is nothing you are missing out on by purchasing the X-Factor Edition.

I can almost guarantee you that if you spend most of your NHL time playing Hockey Ultimate Team and/or World of Chel, the X-Factor Edition will be worth every penny. If you don’t quite grind those game modes that much and stick to most of the offline modes and/or Online Versus, then maybe the Standard Edition is the better of the two moves for you. The X-Factor Edition of NHL will cost $99.99 on all platforms.

Regardless, if you plan on purchasing NHL 23 this year, it is better if you decide to pre-order the game so that you don’t miss out on any of these pre-order bonuses. NHL 23 will be officially available on October 14 (October 11 for X-Factor Edition members) and will be released on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S. Sorry PC gamers. You can pre-order NHL 23 on PlayStation consoles and Xbox Consoles RIGHT NOW.