Clash of Clans: How to build the perfect Clan Capital Base layout

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With the introduction of Clan Capital in the Clash of Clans, players are in search of the perfect Clan Capital base layout. Their hunt for base designs has given rise to endless discussions in eSports communities. Most say the best clan capital base layouts must be compacted while some prefer dispersed bases. Here are the tips to consider to go easier on the players before building a base layout.

Clan Capital Base Layouts – Guide

Initially, there will be a few defenses unlocked. The number of them will increase as the clan proceeds to upgrade their Clan Capital. As more types of defenses are unlocked, the clan must look into the perfect base layout for Clan Capital and must set their priorities. Non-attacking buildings like the clan house must be used to surround the defense and walls. This ensures that the troops first attack those buildings, giving time for the defense to take them down.

For Capital Peak

As the Capital Hall is an attacking asset of the base, it must be kept at the center or at the corner of the base. Clan Capital allows only a small deployment area to execute the attack, which increases with destruction. Therefore, the Capital Hall should be placed far away from the deployment area, surrounded by the guards.

Players must make great use of buildings like Inferno Towers, Rocket Artillery, and Blast Bow. They must either be separated from the Capital Hall or should be placed adjacent to it.

For Barbarian Camp

Barbarian Camp also possesses a powerful splash, creating a nuisance in attacking. These nuisances are Rocket Artillery and Giant Cannon. Keeping them together can be a good choice to work upon.

A clan is advised to start building the base between 9 O’Clock – 12 O’clock. The esteemed base is likely to take more than 4 attacks to reach the District Hall.

For Wizard Tower

Same for the Wizard Tower, the Inferno Towers are to be placed adjoint. These two buildings will prove to be formidable defenses against attacks. Spreading Wizard Towers all wide can be a good option to cover a large area. Try to block the passage of troops by adding a wall on the bridge.

For Balloon Lagoon

Balloon Lagoon has a huge valley in it, therefore placing the Capital Hall on the bank of the river can be a good choice. But using the freeze spell on the river will create an easy passage for troops. Hence, clans are advised to deploy more buildings along with some defenses.

In Balloon Lagoon, try to keep the Rocket Artilleries away from each other as they have a blind circle around them. Add defenses around this circle.

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Given are some of the tips for the clan capital base layout building. Applying them together can be useful in sustaining the base.