Clash of Clans Clan Capital Districts: Barbarian Camp & Wizard Valley revealed

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With the upcoming Clash of Clans Spring 2022 update, Clans will be working together to build up their Clan Capital. This is a massive new addition to the game that truly emphasizes Clan play, which you can read all about here.

As initially revealed, the Clan Capital is comprised of the Capital Peak, home to the Capital Hall, and then multiple unique Districts, each with their own District Hall. Upgrading the District Hall not only allows you to upgrade the Buildings and Troops within that District but also counts towards upgrading your Capital Hall. As you upgrade your Capital Hall, you’ll unlock new Districts to grow the size of your Clan Capital.

Multiple Districts were revealed on the Clan Capital map and finally, we’re starting to get some details on each one. Galadon Gaming and Clash Bashing have both posted in-depth videos on the Clan Capital and giving us a detailed look at two of the early Districts.

The two Districts we’re looking at here are Barbarian Camp and Wizard Valley. Barbarian Camp is the first District you’ll unlock and is the first area where you’ll unlock Barracks to train troops to either attack with or defend your Capital Districts.

Some of the troops you’ll unlock here are the Battle Rams, Sneaky Archers and Super Barbarians. Eventually, the Barbarian Camp will also unlock a Super Giant Barracks and a Minion Barracks.

As you upgrade your Barbarian Camp and, eventually Capital Hall, you’ll unlock the second District, Wizard Valley. This is where you’ll gain spell storage and train spells.

Galadon does a good job explaining the upgrade process and the relationship between the District Halls and Capital Hall. We also get to see an early attack and the Edit mode for each District.

Clash Bashing also goes through each of the two early Districts, providing an deeper look at each troop and building you’ll unlock in the Barbarian Camp and Wizard Valley. Again, it’s another explanation as to how the entire upgrade and unlock process works. To increase your District Hall, your Capital Hall needs to be a certain level. But in order to increase your Capital Hall, you’ll need to build or upgrade a certain number of buildings across your Districts. Early on, since you’ll only have one or two Districts unlocked, there’s not much room for flexibility in determining your upgrade path.

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Clan Capitals will be introduced in Clash of Clans with the Spring 2022 update. No release date has been announced, but it’s expected to go live in May. Each day it seems is going to be a new Sneak Peek offering detailed looks into the individual Districts along with some unique troop and building reveals.