Clash of Clans first Capital Raid Weekend kicks off: Everything you need to know

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Following the massive Spring 2022 update for Clash of Clans and the introduction of Clan Capitals, the first Raid Weekend kicks off today. Hopefully, you’ve had a chance to build up your Capital’s defenses because it’s about to get raided by enemies. And on the flipside, your Clan will be raiding others as well.

The Raid Weekend runs only on the weekend. It’s up to the Leader and Co-Leader to sign your Clan up. And if you’re just a member, you sign up by simply attacking during it. Up to 50 Clan members can join a Raid Weekend.

Each Clan member has five attacks for the entire Raid Weekend. However, if you are the player to 3-star a District, you’ll gain one additional attack. So you’re going to want to communicate with your Clan to try and help others close to their cap be the final blow to a District.

Only Troops and Spells that have been unlocked in your Clan Capital can be used in attacking and your individual level does not affect their level in Capital Raids.

When attacking, the damage you do during your attack in a District will remain for subsequent attacks. Similarly, any Spells you’ve cast will stay active in that District for attacks that come after yours. With this in mind, you can really help your Clanmates by targeting specific defenses and laying the groundwork for follow-up attacks. Communication is going to be key as you can intentionally set off certain traps to open up opportunities for your fellow Clanmates.

As far as defending your own Capital, this is really limited to just the Leader and Co-Leaders of a Clan. They are they only ones who can modify the layouts of the Districts. However, if you modify a District’s layout during the Raid Weekend, it will not go into effect until after your current defense is finished. In other words, you can try out multiple defensive layouts throughout the course of a Raid Weekend.

Supercell posted a lengthy stream with some of the biggest members of the Clash community to showcase what a typical Raid Weekend could look like in Clash of Clans. Check it out below for a more in-depth look at attacking and defending a Clan Capital during Raid Weekend.

Have any tips for Raid Weekend or looking to recruit for your own Clan to build up a Capital? Simply share in the comments below.