Clash of Clans Clashiversary: New scenery teased for 10th anniversary

Supercell /

A new month means a brand new Gold Pass for Clash of Clans and this month will feature the Party Champion, a special skin for the Royal Champion. But August brings more than just a new Gold Pass; it’s the 10th anniversary of Clash of Clans.

Clashiversary is on August 2nd, and it seems Supercell has something special planned — a new scenery. Teased in the August Season Challenges video, the new scenery seems like a celebration of Clash of Clans’ history. Check it out at the 0:11 and 0:24 marks in the video below.

The scenery seems to feature everything significant that’s been added to Clash of Clans over its 10-year history. We see the Town Hall 10 War Base, the Builder Base, the Town Hall 14 with the Giga Inferno and more. This is easily one of the coolest sceneries to come to Clash of Clans because it’s a compilation of the game’s rich history. I mean, 10 years is a hell of a feat.

We can probably expect the new scenery to become available tomorrow, August 2, in time for Clash of Clans’ Clashiversary celebration. At this point, we don’t know if the scenery will be free or if Supercell will be charging for it. I’d like to think they’d give this away for free as a thank you to the players who have hung around and helped Clash of Clans become the game that it is today.

Beyond the new scenery, it’s unclear what else Supercell has planned for the Clashiversary event.

In the days leading up to the big celebration, Supercell has also shared a fun little documentary teasing the history of Clash of Clans — dating back to 40 years ago. What’s especially fun is that the games shown in this documentary, while they didn’t exist at the time, do now. Supercell actually created these as mini-games that you can play within Clash of Clans. If you visit the Arcade Machine in your Home Village, you can play the Clash arcade game as well as the Clash Dash kart racer.