Clash of Clans: You can now play the original ‘Clash’ on the Arcade Machine

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If you’ve been following along with all of Supercell’s pre-Clashiversary festivities, then you’ve probably already seen “Clash from the Past: The Untold Story,” an official documentary that tells the definitive story of how Clash of Clans came to be.  Okay, so much of the documentary is fabricated, but it’s a fun way for Supercell to celebrate Clash of Clans.

The video begins with a look back at the game that started it all: Clash. This was an old arcade game that took the world by storm.

Okay, so spoiler, this entire history of Clash of Clans was fabricated for the video. Clash the arcade game never actually existed… until now!

As you may have seen when booting up Clash of Clans, there’s now an old arcade machine sitting in your Home Village. Up until today, you had not been able to interact with it.

However, starting today, you can now boot it up. By simply tapping on the machine you can start playing the original Clash game, as seen in the documentary.

What is Clash?

Clash is an old-school sidescrolling platformer (think Mario). You play as the Barbarian in search of his sword, which has been stolen by goblins.

The goal is pretty simple, destroy a specific amount of buildings to find the sword. There are three levels in total. The first requires you to destroy 8 buildings, the second requires 12 and the third requires 16. You’re also given a certain amount of time to complete each level as well as a total of six lives, meaning you can only get hit up to six times. As you destroy buildings, you will also uncover various boosts.

What happens when you beat Clash?

I’ll admit, it took me a few tries to finally beat Clash. But once you get the hang of the controls, it becomes fairly easy.

Anyway, once you beat all three levels, a small cutscene plays. The Barbarian gets his sword but is then struck by a hidden tesla. You’re then shown the Congratulations screen with your total points.

And unfortunately, that’s it. You can choose to play it again or go back to the main Clash of Clans game.

What’s next for Clash of Clans 10th Clashiversary?

The original Clash arcade game is a fun little easter egg, but I have a funny feeling that’s not all Supercell has planned for the 10th anniversary of Clash of Clans. There are rumors that Supercell could reveal a kart racing-type game called Clash Dash which should sound familiar if you watch the documentary.

And once August hits, we’ll probably get more specific Clash of Clans bonuses, such as 1-gem boosts and special deals. There are also rumors of specific Challenges to complete for the anniversary.