Clash of Clans kart racing spinoff Clash Dash now playable

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As we rapidly approach the 10th anniversary of Clash of Clans, Supercell has released a second mini-game: Clash Dash. If you watched the Clash of Clans documentary that was released for the Clashiversary, then Clash Dash probably sounds pretty familiar.

According to “Clash from the Past: The Untold Story,” which chronicles the 40 years of Clash’s existence (it’s obviously a fake documentary if you haven’t caught on yet), Clash Dash was the second game in the Clash franchise. It followed the original Clash Arcade game.

As the story goes, Clash Dash was released in the 1990’s. It’s a kart racer akin to that of Nintendo’s Mario Kart for the N64.

Once again, the Barbarian’s sword has been stolen by goblins. Now everyone is racing to recover it. In the game, you can select one of six characters — Valkyrie, P.E.K.K.A, Builder, Wizard, Archer and Hog Rider — to ride on the back of the Barbarian.

Clash of Clans - Clash Dash
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After that, the race is on. I’m not sure how trying to recover the sword is related to a competitive race between all these characters, but does it really matter?

You’ll race through three laps, collecting powerups to launch at your opponents. You can also gain speed by picking up coins, although running into an obstacle will cause you to lose them.

Clash of Clans - Clash Dash
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The character auto runs and you move your finger to the left or right to turn. The controls are a bit stiff on mobile and at least on my phone don’t easily track my finger. This makes it harder to adjust to curves on the track or easily navigate some of the bridges or hallways. But after a few tries, I was able to complete the race in 1st place.

You can play Clash Dash within Clash of Clans by tapping on the Arcade Machine in your home village. Or you can play it on the web through your phone.

After you win the race, you’re presented with another short cinematic. The Barbarian is sleeping next to his sword but once again the Goblins try and steal it. Upon waking up, the Barbarian is struck by lightning from the Tesla. I assume this means we’ll be getting a third game.

If we’re going by the documentary’s timeline, then the next spinoff will take us to the early 2000s. This is when Crash: Cradle of Darkness was released. Bigger, better and bloodier, Clash: Cradle of Darkness was an open-world game and the promise of the future of gaming. A brief look at it makes it seem like a 3D action-adventure during the early PlayStation days.

What’s interesting is that the documentary referred to Clash: Cradle of Darkness as the worst game ever, so I do wonder if Supercell will release that as the next spinoff within Clash of Clans.