Clash of Clans: Easy and powerful Attack Strategy for Town Hall 11

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Town Hall 11 is a huge change for players. It features a variety of new troops and defenses as well.

The Eagle Artillery makes its debut at TH11, along with the electro dragon. The new spells like Bat and Skeleton spell add a significant value to your attack. Though it seems that the new troops and spells will make attacks easier, the reality is a lot different.

Clash of Clans’ Town Hall 11 is likely to set a hard track for newbies and rookies. To ease these efforts, here is the best attack strategy for TH11. The army mentioned below requires no professional skills rather than a max Stone Slammer (siege machine).

Attack Strategy for Town Hall 11

Troop Combinations

  • 8 balloons
  • 8 dragons
  • 1 lava hound
  • 1 electro dragon
  • 4 lightning spells
  • 2 earthquake spells
  • 1 rage spell
  • 1 heal spell
  • 1 poison/freeze
  • Clan Castle: 3 balloons, 1 dragon, 1 rage spell, and 1 stone slammer

How to start?


First, players need to choose the side to execute the attack. Choosing the side is fundamental to this attack strategy. Therefore, the attack must be begun from the side from where the majority of the defenses will be wiped. Try to take down Eagle Artillery and Inferno Towers as soon as possible. Select the side taking Step 2 into consideration.

Step 2

Use two lightning spells + 1 earthquake spell on one air defense, and do the same for other air defense. Now we are left with two air defenses, which will be taken down by our troops. There may be some chances that another air defense can be wiped out by heroes.


After the selection of sides, create a funnel for troops. The funnel must be carved using the heroes and an electro dragon. Heroes will wipe one side of the base, and the electro will take another side. This will give a perfect entrance for the dragons.

Step 4

Deploying the troops is a very important step here. Players are advised to deploy them in the following sequence: Balloons > Lava Hound > Dragons > Stone Slammer > Grand Warden. .

Balloons and Lava Hound will take all the attacks from the defense and traps for initial periods. Don’t use the ability of the Grand Warden too early. Try to use it when troops are vulnerable to Inferno Tower.

By following the strategy above, you should be able to 3-star most enemy villages. It will take practice but once you learn to execute with proper fundamentals, no Town Hall 11 base will prevail.