Clash of Clans World Championship 2022: Qualifier dates, prizes and more

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Supercell has officially announced the return of the Clash of Clans World Championship. The highly anticipated event will be held in Supercell’s hometown of Helsinki, Finland, and will feature a massive $1 million prize pool.

Clash of Clans World Championship 2022 Qualifier Stages

As per the official announcement, a total of eight teams will have the chance to earn Golden Tickets and compete at the World Championship Finals, which run from September 23 through September 25. Four of the Golden Tickets will be earned through community-organized tournaments, while another four will be won through the Championship Qualifiers.

Registration for the Championship Qualifiers will be open from August 3 through August 10. Additionally, the Qualifiers will consist of four stages that run from August 10 through September 10.

Stage 1 will be a Ladder competition that runs from August 10-20. All registered teams will compete at the same time, playing up to six matches during any 24-hour period. Teams will gain or lose points based on their match results against the enemy team. At the end of the ladder stage, the top 64 teams in the leaderboard will move on to the second stage.

Stage 2 is a Double Elimination on August 27. All 64 teams will compete in a double-elimination bracket until just 16 teams remain.

Stage 3, on September 3, is the Swiss stage in which each team will play in up to 5 wars. Although all teams in this stage will win at least $5,000, only the 8 teams that win 3 Wars will advance.

Stage 4, on September 10, is a Double Elimination bracket.

CoC World Championship Sign-up Details

To register for the Championship Qualifiers, you must be at Town Hall 14 and at least 16 years old. You can access the Tournament Hub through the Clash of Clans World Championship button in-game.

As this is a team event, clan leaders can enroll their clan by selecting five players to compete in the Championship Qualifiers. If selected, players must also individually register for the event.  More specific details will be revealed on Friday, July 8.

COC World Championship 2022: Prize list per position

The $1 million prize pool for the Clash of Clans World Championship will be divided between the eight teams competing. The winner will receive $250,000 while the 8th place will receive $25,000 — still a good chunk. Here’s the prizing breakdown.

"Winner Team – $250K2nd Position – $150K3rd Position – $100k4th Position – $75k5th Position – $37.5k6th Position – $37.5k7th Position – $25k8th Position – $25k"

Supercell just released the Summer update for Clash of Clans. It was focused largely on quality of life improvements, likely because of the upcoming World Championship