Clash of Clans: Here is strongest troop in the Clan Capital


The Clan Capital is a newly introduced village in the Spring 2022 update, which is considered the biggest update in the history of Clash of Clans. The Capital has different Districts, Troops — like Mountain Golem — and Buildings. While most of them are the same, some new features are included like Weekend Raids and more. So what is the strongest new troop in the Clan Capital?

Clash of Clans: Strongest Troop – Mountain Golem

Mountain Golem is the strongest troop when factoring in stats like hit points, damage, speed, movement and more.

He is available to battle when players upgrade their Capital to the Golem Quarry which is the last District you’ll unlock at Capital Hall 7. Being slow and steady, the Mountain Golem takes a lot of time to cover the distance to catch up to buildings. But when it reaches them, it destroys them with high damage. This is why this Golem remains to be the strongest troop.

Abilities of Golem

It has the special ability to break walls with its touch while other troops struggle to pass walls for a minute or two. Using a rage spell is the best combination that anyone can ever expect to use in battle. Rage spell improves power as well as speed so it can clear as defenses fast as possible

  • Damage per second : 1200
  • Damage when destroyed : 500
  • Hit points : 44,000
  • Damage type : Area Splash
  • Housing Space : 160
  • Drawbacks of Golem

Mountain Golem is a slow troop as its movement speed is 4 tiles per second. This slow speed makes it susceptible to many of the defensive structures at Clan Capital Level 3 or higher as they have things like the Inferno Tower, Giant Guard Post and Super Wizard Tower.

With the Clan Capital having just been released and only one Raid Weekend in the books, we’re likely to discover a true meta when attacking. Which of the new troops do you believe is the strongest to attack the Clan Capital with? Let us know in the comments below!