Clash of Clans Summer 2022 Update now live: Here’s what’s new

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The Summer 2022 Update for Clash of Clans is here! Today’s update isn’t quite as large as some of the updates in the past as the focus is largely on quality of life improvements, balance changes and bug fixes. But there is one big change that’ll have a major impact on Clash of Clans moving forward.

Supercell spent the past three days previewing the changes in the Summer update, and today released a comprehensive video that goes over them all. Check it out below!

Clan Capital improvements

Starting with the Clan Capital, the latest feature to come to Clash of Clans has been a major hit. But there are a few quality of life improvements coming.

Builder Potions will now work on the Forge, allowing you to speed up the rate of which you can manufacture Capital Gold. They’ve also a profile button that allows you to view your enemy clan during a Capital Raid.

Perhaps the biggest change is how Raid Medals will be distributed. In the current system, Raid Medals are rewarded equally amongst everyone in the clan. With this update, Raid Medals will be distributed based on the number of attacks.

You can read more about the Clan Capital quality of life improvements here.

Home Village

Lots of balance adjustments and bug fixes are coming to the Home Village but the biggest change in this update is the removal of Training Costs! Training Troops will now be completely free and will not cost you any Gold, Elixir or Dark Elixir. All you’ll have to worry about is training time and housing space.

This should allow for more creativity and strategy when creating armies to attack. Rather than focusing on the resource cost, you’ll now be free to experiment and hopefully come up with some wild armies.

With all your excess resources, you’ll now be able to upgrade your Walls with Elixir at Town Hall 5. Additionally, the Clan Castle will now upgrade with Elixir rather than Gold.

Read more about the Home Village changes here.

Overall Impressions

It’s not the most exciting update we’ve seen in Clash of Clans but it is the first one after the Clan Capital introduction. After such a huge feature, I’m not really surprised that Supercell scaled back this update to focus more on balancing and gameplay improvements. If you’re looking for Town Hall 15, you might have to wait until later this year.