Clash of Clans 2022 Summer Update brings Clan Capital changes


The 2022 Summer Update for Clash of Clans is on the way soon and today Supercell highlighted some upcoming changes for the Clan Capital. The Clan Capital was introduced in the Spring update a few months back and has added an entirely new layer of gameplay to the strategy game.

It’s a more team-based approach to Clash where entire clans work to build their own capital while raiding others. Based on feedback these past couple of weeks, here are some of the changes being made to the Clan Capital in the 2022 Summer Update

The first major change is to ensure Clans are using their full Housing Space when attacking. Now players will be informed that they cannot launch an attack unless they use the entire available Housing Space

The purpose of this is to avoid a frequent scenario in which players launch their Capital attack before understanding a Capital Army Camp has finished upgrading, which results in players attacking with fewer units than they could have employed.

One of the most welcomed changes is how Raid Medals are now distributed. Previously, clan mates would all receive the same number of Raid Medals despite their participation. So if I attacked six times and you only attacked once, we’d still get the same number of Raid Medals. Now, they will now be awarded based on the number of attacks you did during a Raid Weekend. This should encourage more active participation among clan mates.

Some other smaller changes include the ability to view and scout Enemy Clans. The update also removes the requirement to visit the Clan Capital to see how many Capital attacks you have remaining; you can now see it from the Airship in the Home Village.

In addition to the quality of life improvements for the Clan Capital, there are additional game changes and bug fixes on the way as well. You can view the upcoming changes from Supercell here. Many of them are smaller, UI-focused fixes.

Tomorrow’s notes will cover changes coming to the Home Village, which was largely ignored in the Spring update. Supercell notes that this will be the final preview, suggesting that the Summer update will be a rather small one. If this is the case, then it’s possible the update won’t see the release of any new troops, buildings or mechanics.

This isn’t entirely surprising. We kind of knew that Town Hall 15 wouldn’t be coming with this update and Supercell is still trying to figure out what to do with the Builder Base. With how big of a feature Clan Capital was, I kind of expected the Summer update to be a smaller one that refined many of the newly introduced features.

Still, it’s a bit disappointing as many of these fixes and improvements feel like they could be implemented with a routine maintenance break. It doesn’t really feel like one of the more robust updates we usually see from Supercell.

If tomorrow is the final preview, then we can expect the 2022 Summer Update for Clash of Clans to arrive early next week, perhaps on Monday or Tuesday.