Clash of Clans: Here’s when Town Hall 15 could arrive

Supercell /

Shortly after the release of the Spring 2022 update for Clash of Clans, which introduced the massive Clan Capital feature, developer Supercell Games published a blog post addressing the future of the mobile game. Among the topics discussed was the Home Village, which went largely ignored in this latest update.

In the post, Supercell specifically addressed the Home Village. Perhaps sensing some disappointment that we didn’t get Town Hall 15 in the latest update, Supercell acknowledged that the Home Village “is and always will be the heart of [Clash of Clans].”

Supercell admitted that one of the biggest challenges they face with the Home Village is its complexity. With 10 years’ worth of content, it’s “daunting for new players to learn how to play well and really see all the fun that the game has to offer.”

It would seem there’s a delicate process when it comes to the Home Village and introducing new Town Hall levels that would further make it difficult for new payers to get into the game without feeling totally overwhelmed. I play the game more casually, so I don’t really feel the pressure to keep up with those who have been playing Clash of Clans since launch. I recognize I’m not going to be able to compete with the veterans. But at the same time, a new player might get discouraged by their lack of immediate progress, so Supercell is working to address that.

On that note, when can we expect to see Town Hall 15?

"For a while we’ve been aiming for a length of about 18 months between introducing new Town Hall levels. We think this is the right pace of adding new upgrade levels that gives most late-game players enough things to do without adding so many levels that they lose meaning and lower-level players feel it’s impossible to catch up."

Town Hall 14 arrived with last year’s Spring update in April 2021. Assuming everything is on track with development, an 18-month wait would put Town Hall 15 coming around October, or the Fall 2022 update. Supercell typically releases updates for Clash of Clans every quarter, which means we’ll get one more update in the summer before we see a new Town Hall level. If that’s the case, hopefully, Builder Base will get some love this summer because right now it has completely fallen by the wayside.