TMNT: Shredder’s Revenge: All 10 Cameo Character Locations

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Dotemu’s newest game, TMNT: Shredder’s Revenge, is an exceptional love letter to the original 1987 cartoon as well as all the very popular arcade games that spun off from it. The game is pure nostalgia from the excellent redone intro theme to all the original surviving voice talent returning to voice their roles of playable characters Raphael, Leonardo, Michelangelo, Donatello, April O’Neil, Splinter, and the unlockable Casey Jones.

And while there are a ton of characters now with the potential for more down the road, there are also 10 characters you might play through the whole game without seeing. These are called “cameos”.

There are 10 cameo characters from three different groups. You have April’s coworkers; Burne, Irma, and Vernon. The Punk Frogs; Attila, Genghis, Neopolian, and Rasputin. And you have the Neutrinos; Zak, Kala, and Dask.

Finding these characters unlocks extra side missions with Burne having you collect newspapers, Irma’s diary entries, Vernon’s VHS tapes, the Punk Frogs’ disgusting bugs, and crystals to power the Neutrinos’ hovercar. Completing these gives you a huge boost in XP. Also, upon finding them all you unlock a short little bonus ending.

Below is a video showing you where you can find each of the ten characters. All you need to do is reveal them to get them. After the video, I’ll detail it too if you’re just looking for a quick text run down.

  • Burne
    • Episode 01
      • Shortly after the moment where you encounter four Foot Soldiers working desk jobs, you’ll see a shaking door. Simply punch it open to find April’s boss, Burne.
  • Irma
    • Episode 02
      • As you make your way down the street with parked cars all over the place, you’ll reach a turn in the road next to a building with two trash bags in front of it. Beat up the door and you’ll find the adorable Irma waiting.
  • Attila
    • Episode 04
      • Strolling through the zoo, you’ll occasionally see mailboxes, because who doesn’t take their mail with them to send at the zoo. But there will also be a spot where you’ll see two mailboxes right next to each other. Attila of the Punk Frogs will be in the one on the right.
  • Genghis
    • Episode 05
      • During your romantic stroll through the sewers, you’ll find a pipe that’s closed off with what looks like a vault door. Jump attack that bad boy to reveal the Genghis Frog behind it.
  • Napoleon
    • Episode 06
      • The easiest one to find in the whole game, Napoleon, of the Punk Frogs, is hiding behind a cardboard cutout…of the Punk Frogs. Smack it to reveal him.
  • Vernon
    • Episode 06
      • Yup, there are two in Episode 06. That’s not a typo. On your way through the mall, you’ll discover an arcade. To the left of the arcade, in possibly the worst location for one is a popcorn machine. Break it and Vernon will hope out and take shelter elsewhere.
  • Rasputin
    • Episode 09
      • After a brief lull in stages with cameos, you’ll find yourself on a boardwalk. Keep an eye-out for a Hot Dog vendor. Smashing it will reveal Rasputin who, hilariously, will exclaim “Uh-oh, why am I here?”
  • Dask
    • Episode 11
      • Right after a moment in which there are two paintings, one green, and one red, in which Triceratons burst through, you’ll find two boxes chilling towards the top of the screen. Dask of the Neutrinos is hiding inside the bigger of the two.
  • Kala
    • Episode 13
      • I missed this one on my first playthrough, admittedly. There is a part in which you’ll find three tubes closed with dome tips. The third will open as you pass revealing enemies. But if you bust open the first when you get there you’ll reveal Kala. Fun fact: The second one holds a pizza.
  • Zak
    • Episode 14
      • The last one is hiding in an odd spot. As you make your way through this strange dimension you’ll find these weird tubular flowers. Not like…tubular in a radical way, they’re just tubes. Eventually, you’ll find one inexplicably growing out of a stone instead of the dirt. Attack it to reveal Zak, the last of both the Neutrinos AND of the cameo characters.

Well, that’s it for the cameo characters. Let us know if this helped you below and if there’s anything else you’re struggling to find in the game!