Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge: 10 TMNT characters that would make great DLC

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenger comes out this week and the hype for it is huge — especially to the part of me that was a teenager in the 90’s and can’t wait for a return to Ninja Turtle beat ’em ups from Dotemu, the current reigning master of the genre.

Unfortunately, some organizations have decided to throw out misleading headlines to get attention, claiming that the game will not have DLC. This was a hyperbolic misinterpretation of the words of the company saying they didn’t have plans yet and wanted to see how the game does first.

Cyrille Imbert went on Twitter to clarify this in response to a particularly misleading headline from IGN.


Now as he says he’d look at the ideas and feedback of the community, I’d like to take this moment to write this article almost directly to Cyrille Imbert, CEO and executive director of Dotemu. But it’s an open-door meeting so y’all can sit in. Here are 10 characters I’d love to see as DLC for the game, should it go well.

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Mondo Gecko

Absolutely no list of TMNT characters would be complete without this dude. Mondo Gecko was a skateboarder and heavy metal musician with a pet gecko who, depending on which origin story you read, got hit with mutagen while either practicing with his band in a former Foot Clan hideout or while skateboarding and got the gecko DNA merged with his own.

The character is basically Michelangelo if you somehow removed what little discipline he has. Fighting recklessly and going his own path while also being easily lead to join every organization that makes a case to him from helping the Ninja Turtles, to joining a bizarre group called the Mighty Mutanimals, to even joining the Foot Clan.

Having this character running into battle and attacking with combos cycling between hitting them with their skateboard and their tail would be a lot of fun.

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Ace Duck

If you thought Launchpad McQuack was the only trust bird pilot out there you’ve got another thing coming.

Ace Duck would be an incredible addition as a fighter. Despite looking like the love child of Launchpad and Howard the Duck, Ace has an insane backstory. Originally part of an elite squad as a fighter pilot out against the villainous Utrom invaders, his squad was shot down. When they surrendered to Krang, every member of his squad except for him was executed while he escaped.

He escaped to his universe’s version of Tatooine and became somewhat of a Han Solo-type character. An ace pilot and fighter taking missions for cash while also having a hefty bounty on his head.

In the game, Ace would make a fantastic, tough-as-nails street fighter.