Dislyte: Ten best character attacks and unique abilities

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Dislyte has been out for a while and while the terrible fake ads might make you think you’ve got your standard, run-of-the-mill, mobile gacha game, the truth is that it actually has a lot of unique elements that make it stick out. Even if, again, the ads will absolutely make you embarrassed to play the game.

But it’s definitely got its merits as I’ve described in length previously. I’ve also talked about five of the coolest-looking characters in a game filled with cool-looking characters. This cast is decked out with more drip than an ice sculpture in the desert.

But today I want to bring up the attacks. While a lot of Dislyte’s moves are your standard “hit a bunch of enemies” or “hit one enemy for a lot of damage” type stuff. Truth is, there are some attacks here that if used correctly make the game a lot more interesting and, actually make a mobile RPG feel tactical.

This can be anything like an attack that grants free turns under certain conditions, ties the health of two opponents together, or absorbs buffs to gain strength. Here are my 10 favorites that change the game up as long as you’re willing to pay attention.

1) Mona (Artemis) – Moonshot

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Mona is one of the first characters you get in the game. She’s the result of the tutorial in which they teach you how to use the game’s gacha system but she also comes with a really cool attack from the jump.

Most people are going to be heavily hyped to use Mona’s bigger attacks like Hunter’s Mark and Lunar Hail, which hits multiple enemies at once, but if you keep Moonshot in your mind at all times you’re going to have a way better time with this awesome archer.

Moonshot hits a single enemy at, depending on the attack’s level, 100% to 130% of their ATK. That’s pretty cool if you level her well. But the best part is that last sentence: “Gains an additional turn if this attack kills the enemy.” So if you pay attention and look for enemies that are close to death, you can take them out with Moonshot and just go again.

Mona’s Moonshot is basically a Zamboni that rolls over the playing field and cleans up the shavings.